Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Walk-in Closet

Got space for a walk-in? Read this list first before beginning your closet makeover.

Updated on June 22, 2017 8:06 am

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If you’re one of the lucky few to have enough space to create a dedicated area for dressing up, then take note the following things you should consider before making your walk-in closet:

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• The size of your space. You will definitely have lots of ideas from the magazines, design books, and the Internet, but knowing the size of the space you’ll be working with will help you immediately whittle down your list of walk-in wardrobe wants to just the essentials (and maybe a few luxuries, if you’re lucky).


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The current size of your wardrobe.Are you looking to grow your wardrobe, or plan on maintaining its current size? Answering this question will also give you an idea on how big you want your wardrobe to be, and what cabinet units you should get for it. For example, you’re not really big on clothes but are a self-confessed shoe addict? It makes sense then, to devote one part of your wardrobe to proper shoe storage and display.


Frequency of use of items in your wardrobe.How often do you use your dresses, your pants, your high heels or leather shoes? The more often you use a particular type of clothing, the better to place these in the most reachable portions of your wardrobe. Categorise your clothing between “often used” to “okay to be stored,” and position them in your wardrobe accordingly.

Once you’ve figured these out, check out the expert tips and tricks below to make your walk-in closet a beautiful yet efficient space:

1. Prioritise function first over aesthetics. Plan your space in a way that makes dressing up a breeze. Once you have decided on an efficient layout, only then should you embellish with decorative elements.

2. Allot the cabinet units nearest the door for clothes and other items that you often use. This way, you can easily reach for them, particularly when you’re in a hurry.


3. Designers suggest placing hanging rods with no cabinet doors to the spaces nearest the main door, to create a more open feel and atmosphere.



4. Use the spaces near the ceiling as storage for rarely used items, like bags for formal occasions. You wouldn’t want to reach up for items up there every time you need them. Have a foldable step ladder close by, or install a movable ladder system for easy retrieving.


5. Baskets, boxes, and trays help corral loose items, but if you’re spending for a cabinet system, customise your drawers to already accommodate your accessories, like bags, belts, scarves, jewellery, watches, lingerie, and so on. Inquire with a local cabinet system supplier to know your options.


6. Don’t just have one hanging rod for your clothes—install a rod for long dresses or coats, and a second layer for pants and other bottoms.

Do you want your walk-in closet experience to be a little more luxurious than your everyday dressing-up routine? Check the list below for little additions that go a long way.

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Chair. It’s no fun putting on shoes when you’re standing up. Opt for a chair that has arms, and even upholstery. If you have the space, a love seat or wide ottoman comfortably seats your friend or partner help pick out your outfits for you.


A vanity island. This is your accessories mecca. Outfit all the drawers with jewellery storing capabilities, like landing pads for rings, rods for cuffs, and hooks for necklaces or scarves. Don’t forget the mirror, preferably with a magnifying surface, for face prepping at the start of your day.


TV unit. It’s best to hang this up at eye level, so plan your cabinets around it. A rack that allows your TV to swivel in different directions is also a good investment.


A table.Do you like checking your email while thinking of your outfits for the day? A surface where you can place your laptop or tablet is a must, and preferably should come with a chair.

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