Fold Or Hang? How To Organise Your Clothes

Say “No” to chaos and “Yes” to a neat and organised closet!

Updated on June 02, 2019 7:06 am

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Fold Or Hang? How To Organise Your Clothes

Maintaining an organised wardrobe will always be an ongoing battle. Organising clothes can be difficult, especially if you have lots of stuff in your closet and KonMari-ing it isn't enough.

While nothing screams chaos quite like a disorganised wardrobe, trying to peacefully coexist with your stuff is possible. There are ways to ensure that you can remain faithful to your wardrobe decluttering and organising schemes you have started in your home with these tips:

1. Purge with purpose

The first step in decluttering your closet and organising stuff is to decide which ones should be removed. Purge unused clothing and accessories and donate them to your favourite charity or thrift shop.

2. Organise items by type and colour

Categorising your garments will help you maintain your sanity in the morning when you go looking for your stuff before going to work. This also gives your wardrobe an organised and neat look.

3. Hang delicate, fancy, and sturdy items in the same direction

Sturdy, delicate, and fancy pieces such as dresses, skirts, suits, coats, and blazers should be hung in your closet. And to give it a neat look, you should hang everything facing the same direction, with longer items on the left and shorter items on the right, giving your clothes an upward sloping line at the bottom.

4. Use coordinated hangers

Mixing a gamut of wire and plastic hangers screams mayhem! Limit the visual clutter by using coordinated hangers to give your wardrobe a sleek and streamlined look. Opt for sturdy ones so that you can use them in the long run.

5. Invest in storage boxes

Invest in some good-looking storage solutions for your closet. These boxes don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be uniform and fitting in with your closet and your personal style.

6. Stack items as neat as possible

Save a lot of hanging space by stacking bulky items such as denim and jackets in separate piles. These items make perfect stacks in your shelves since they are thick and sturdy enough that they won’t lose their shape. You’ll also be able to see these items easier if you stack them.

7. Stack items vertically

If you are using drawers, stack your stuff such as tights, socks, pyjamas, and even underwear vertically rather than horizontally. This way, you can maximise the vertical space available in your drawer.

8. Organise your drawer in the order you get dressed

Be smart and strategic by arranging your drawer content the way you get dressed. This way, you get to save so much time in finding all your clothes.

10. Hang scarves on hangers

You can roll, stack, or fold your scarves but nothing is better than hanging them to save more space in your closet. Also, you can keep your scarves wrinkle-free and easy to access by hanging them.

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