Guide to Better Bathrooms

Baths are magical. They have a way of super-sizing your confidence and wrapping you up in knee-weakening happiness. Really. They’re the best.

Updated on June 21, 2017 8:06 am

Samantha Echavez


…Which brings us to the point that your bathroom must be built to accommodate luxurious and sensational baths. You know, the types that we get to experience in swanky hotels, resorts, and spas—baths that delicious dreams are made of. Bathrooms where you can just see yourself lazily floating in your tub with roses on the floor and a glass of sparkling wine in your hand. Before you even tell us that we’re here to dash your hopes because really, who has time and energy to stage the bathroom of his dreams, keep calm and read on. Overhauling your bathroom is not as hard and ambitious as it sounds. Here are some tips:


Cleanliness is next to gorgeousness. The rule is quite simple: Clean it. Perform an honest-to-goodness, back-breaking cleaning. Scout for a heavy-duty disinfectant and scrub your toilet bowl. Dust the medicine cabinet. Sanitise surface areas with scrubbing powder. Wipe your grouts clean. Clean your bathroom for hours until it becomes so spotless and shiny that you would actually say to yourself, "Whoa! So this is how my bathroom is supposed to look like…"

Declutter better. Make your bathroom easy on the eyes. Get rid of clutter, like ratty washcloths, empty bottles that topple over and land on the floor at the slightest breeze, musty towels you keep for sentimental reasons. Edit the products on your countertops. At least one of the surface areas in your bathroom should be free of toiletries.

Fix ’til it’s fine. You will never enjoy your newly cleaned, freshly decluttered bathroom if the shower heater no longer works or the toilet flush is busted. Make sure everything is in perfect order. Have a budget? You can go for updates, like changing the faucet and replacing the shower head.


Organise wisely. Shop for storage pieces to keep small items, like jewellery, rubber bands, and cotton buds.


Say spaaah. Look back at a time you visited the spa and were so impressed at the furnishings and ambience. It was so clean and wondrous and refreshing, wasn’t it? Score the same rejuvenating vibe by filling your bathroom with luxury toiletries or displaying potpourri and scented candles in the room. Fresh flowers work, too!

Do as the hoteliers do. Invest in fluffy designer towels, install flattering lights, and if you can afford to place a chandelier in the bathroom, why the heck not? Chandeliers soften the usually sterile feel of a bathroom, making it look more dreamy and romantic.


Mind the littlest things. The seemingly small things in your bathroom (like bath mat, arsenal of cleaning materials) should count, too! Every detail matters—ideally no run-of-the-mill stuff in your dream bathroom!

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