Having Overnight Guests At Home? Here Are Some Reminders

Make your home guest-ready with this checklist.

Updated on August 05, 2019 15:08 pm

Luisa Wong

Having Overnight Guests At Home? Here Are Some Reminders

Hosting guests at home can be a really enjoyable task. Though it is an art that is difficult to perfect, nothing can beat the fulfilment you’ll feel once you’ve made your guests feel at home. All it takes is a little extra work beforehand to make sure that your home is guest-ready.

Do these things to ensure you will perfectly host your guests in your home:

1. Clean the house.

Get rid of the clutter, make small repairs, and redecorate a little. Let your guests know that they are welcome in your home by making sure that you’ve thoroughly cleaned your lovely abode.

2. Freshen it up.

Aside from cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, make sure that every room doesn’t smell like yesterday’s dinner. Freshen it up with some fresh flowers or pour essential oils in your diffuser.

3. Make the bed.

Make their overnight stay in your home even more memorable by putting crisp, fresh, clean sheets on the bed and stacking extra blankets and fluffy pillows on the side.

4. Stock up your fridge.

Have plenty of food and beverage in your house for your guests to enjoy. Also, make it easy for them to grab a quick snack whenever they want.

5. Stock the bathroom with essentials.

Prepare your bathroom with a just-in-case basket with extra toilet papers, toothbrushes, even small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and soap. Also, place extra towels and robes in your bathroom for their use.

6. Allot a space for their belongings.

If you’re letting them use your room or your guest room, make sure that they have enough closet space to put their valuables. If you're offering them a guest corner and don’t have a spare dresser, maybe consider a good valet stand that will accommodate their things.

7. Kid-proof your home if necessary.

If you are having friends over with their young children, you need to keep your home kid-friendly. Move fragile items on higher shelves, child-proof the edges of your tables, cabinets, and drawers, lock cabinets, keep away sharp objects, cover unused sockets, and have a first-aid kit ready. You’ll never know when you will be needing these things so better be prepared than be sorry later. Also, prepare art materials, children's books, toys and snacks to keep them busy.

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