5 Home Hacks to Master for Your Next Party

Using a washing machine to store drinks and other resourceful party hacks

Updated on January 31, 2018 16:01 pm


Throwing a party can be stressful, and often the stress doesn’t fully set in until the party has begun and you are dealing with a handful of situations at once. Welcoming your guests is all about anticipating their needs, which comes with time and practice. But by doing some research in advance, you can circumvent some of those issues you may encounter and skip ahead to being a master party host!

There are even home hacks that are proven helpful for parties! Check them out below:

1. Storage Hack. Being a gracious party host starts with making room for your guests. Often you won’t realize until after an influx of party-goers arrives that you haven’t designated an area for people to put their purses. It’s only when your artfully-arranged appetizer table is littered with clutches. This hack solves that:

2. Washing Machine Hack. The other key area to make room for guests is your fridge. If there’s too much food in there, that’s the first sign you need to make some room. No space at all? Turn to the washing machine to store your drinks.

3. Wet Paper Towel Hack. If the party is scheduled to begin in 15 minutes and you realise you forgot to chill the wine, use this hack:

4. DIY Smartphone Speakers. Enliven the party with seriously good music. No wireless speakers? Let this DIY speaker do the job.

5. DIY Air Freshener. No scented candles? Let this DIY air freshener save the day.

Article originally published in Fix.com. Edited and reposted with permission.

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