Home Modifications for People with Low Vision

Tips for reducing injuries for people with low vision

Updated on December 17, 2017 14:12 pm

Alexis Wang

how to create a safe home for myopic sufferers

According to the Health Promotion Board, the seven- to nine-year-olds in Singapore have the highest myopia rate in the world.

Here are some home safety tips for people with weak vision who needs some visual aids without their glasses:

wall lamps to light up walking path ways and stairs to create a safe home


1. Open your windows and place lamps near furniture to prevent collision. If you need some visual aids at night, install motion sensor night lights to guide you on your way to the toilet or kitchen.

door knobs that are distinct is a better visual cue


2. Keep your colour scheme as simple as possible by reducing camouflage and visual clutter. Place light objects against a dark background or vice versa to define edges. Objects that protrude such as door knobs should be brightly coloured to serve as a visual cue.

use corner guards on table edges prevent injuries at home


3. Cover sharp edges such as cabinet corners and table legs with corner guards and stub stoppers to minimise chances of injuries. To increase visibility at night, line the edges with LED strips.

use slip proof carpets and rugs in living areas of the house to prevent falls

4. Reduce chances of tripping by replacing worn carpeting, and use non-skid flooring in wet areas. If you have a few rooms, use a variety of coloured rugs to differentiate the rooms.

use large font size for any labels at home for easy reading


5. Label your items and shelves and use large fonts to facilitate the search process. Some of the fonts that are more readable for low vision are fonts without serifs (Arial, Verdana) and with a fixed width (Arial, Helvetica, Verdana). APHont™ (pronounced Ay’-Font) is a free, non-commercial font developed specifically for low vision readers.

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