Home Upgrades To Do Before Selling Your Home

Here are the things you need to remember before listing your home for sale.

Updated on July 02, 2019 11:07 am

Jemma Chiu

Home Upgrades To Do Before Selling Your Home

Getting ready to put your home on sale can be nerve-wracking. For one, there’s this creeping fear that it might not sell fast. Also, things you don’t expect might arise once the home inspector and potential buyers start knocking at your doors. All those little repairs you were happy to delay for quite some time may seem like glaring problems to your potential buyer. So, what to do?

Here are some works that you should consider to ensure a bigger price tag when you put it on sale:

1. Refresh the walls.

A clean and refreshed space lures in buyers, and you can do that by painting your walls anew. Freshly painted rooms attract attention. But it is important that you choose the right type and colour wisely. If you don’t have the budget to paint all the walls, a good scrub using proper tools and cleaning materials can bring the same result to your home.

2. Upgrade your lighting fixtures.

Replacing lighting fixtures throughout your home might be a small investment now but will make a big impact when you put your home in the market. Dull recessed lights are a major turn off among home buyers, so it is time to unscrew them and install a replacement. Chandeliers, pendant lighting, and ceiling fixtures would be great options to consider. Also, you might want to consider adding energy efficient bulbs and fixtures. This is one of the best ways to make a home more energy efficient, which is desired by many buyers nowadays.

3. Renew floor finishes and replace your carpets.

Flooring is one of those overlooked spaces at home but counts as much in the impression department. Once your prospect buyer comes in, one of the first things they’ll see would be the floor so it is just right to give it a bit of TLC. Renew your floor finishes since many floor types look worn out as time goes by. Also, if there are stains on your carpets, you might want to consider having it professionally cleaned or replacing it.

4. Give your kitchen a makeover.

Some buyers tend to focus on the kitchen. You might not be able to afford to go all-out in renovating your kitchen, but there are a few and small ways to improve what you have. Try replacing the handles and painting your cabinet doors to refresh your kitchen. Also, good lighting, clutter-free counters, and clean surfaces will make a big difference in your space’s overall look.

5. Do a little bathroom update.

Aside from the kitchen, buyers also look at the bathrooms. A bathroom that looks old can date a house. Some updates that you can do include replacing the countertops, installing new tiles, replacing the doors with a glass one, and installing new fixtures such as faucets and sinks. You might not have a big bathroom, but once your buyer sees that you’ve put so much effort in keeping it tidy and organised, it can be a big plus point for you.

6. Replace old, creaky doors.

Of course, making that good first impression matters so it is just apt to refresh your front door as it will welcome them for the first time. If you cannot afford to buy new doors, make sure that you give it a good scrub or a fresh coat of paint. Also, a new doorknob works well in impressing your buyers.

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