How To Accessorise An Inviting Living Room

A dash of personality and a dollop of creativity are what you need to decorate this all-important space in your home.

Updated on April 22, 2019 22:04 pm

Catherine Zhang

How To Accessorise An Inviting Living Room

Accessorising your living room does not have to feel like a burden. With a variety of decors to choose from—ranging from chic to perky—decorating this room can be a lot of fun. Here are ways how:

1. Invite nature in.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your space is to bring the beauty of nature into the comfort of your home. Pepper your living room with house plants to create a lively and warm ambience.

2. Hang curtains.

Give your living room some nice window treatment with curtains that perfectly fits your theme. In choosing your draperies, you need to inspect upholstery, floor, and wall colour. You can always match its colour with your sofa’s upholstery colour but always contrast it with the floor and wall colour.

3. Light up with lamps.

Illuminate your living room with a decorative lamp. Buy one that has an attractive shed so that it can grab your guests' attention. Whether you are buying a floor lamp or a table lamp, make sure you choose one with a stylish shed.

4. Get a colourful cushion cover.

Your cushion cover should go well with everything in your living room. In choosing one, make sure that it contrasts your sofa’s upholstery. A good cushion cover is one that pops out and becomes a focal point of your space.

5. Cosy up with a rug.

Rugs can also be an accessory you can use to decorate your living room. Not only can it make your space look stunning, it can also conceal flaws on the floor. Rugs come in different shapes, sizes, colour, and designs but you need to see which one suits your interior style.

6. Create a few wall shelves.

Display your favourite pieces and other decorative items in the living room by creating a few wall shelves. Make use of the ample space you have—build your very own shelf, which is both decorative and functional.

7. Decorate it with something vintage.

A whimsical-looking vintage clock can easily attract attention. Jumpstart conversations with your visitors by decking your living room with something visually interesting such as lovely heirloom pieces.

8. Embellish the walls with your personality.

Enliven your room by adding simple yet stylish embellishments that exude your personality. Go for something that is bursting with vivid colours if your personality is bubbly and quirky. Or decorate your wall with art full of ornaments and pictures. Displaying family photos is one way to personalise your room. Having a wall gallery of framed photos can give your room an entirely different vibe.

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