How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

All it takes is a vessel and your blooms—et voila! Breathtaking centrepiece.

Updated on June 15, 2017 12:06 pm

Camille Besinga


No, you don’t need to take up workshops to create a floral centrepiece. What’s the point of stressing yourself out? Sometimes, simplicity creates an even better impression—without letting you work so hard.

These floral arrangements take the hard work out of something that you can enjoy doing. It doesn’t hurt that they look beautiful too.

Cascading heights. Take a milk bottle and fill it with ordinary weed-like flowers, but presented in a seemingly chronological manner: from short, tiny bud to tall, billowing bloom.


Jar blooms. Flowers that spiral into spiky whorls (like lavenders) can easily be cut in uniform length and bunched into a recycled glass jar. If you want to create varying heights, simply pair with budding blooms like roses or carnations cut shorter at the stem.


Floating flora. A flower like a camellia has petals that open wide enough to let it float in a small glass of water. Retain a bit of the stem and some leaves to add a leafy green contrast against the camellia’s pink, then line up several glasses down a long table.


Amber view. Invoke rustic charm with amber-coloured bottles filled with wispy heads of dried wheat and tiny wildflower blooms.


A rose among babes. Let a single white rose be the star of this mason-jar show and surround it with sprays of delicate baby’s breath.


Long tall flowers. In contrast to the lavender bunch above, this one let’s spiralling blooms bend and bow with effortless grace from a glass jar.


Pitcher perfect. In some cases, the vessel is as important as the blossoms. Take for example the vintage perfection that is this rusty old pitcher literally filled to the brim with luscious peonies.


Small yet stunningly simple. Use a small container with a tiny mouth, like an old apothecary bottle and insert as many stems of a single type of flower as possible.


Gorgeous gathering. Place boldly coloured flowers—like these dahlias—in jars or bottles of similar height, then gather in a vintage milk bottle holder for impact.


Bowled over. With the help of tape, create a low but lush centrepiece for a casual brunch or luncheon. Instructions here.


You can also watch this video on DIY flower arrangements or check out this illustration. Enjoy!

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