How To Decorate With Vintage Pieces

Tips to display your treasured old items without making your home look outdated

Updated on March 12, 2019 8:03 am

Luisa Wong

How To Decorate With Vintage Pieces

China collections, silver cups, and pretty tea sets, old but functional pieces of furniture—we all have these heirlooms and vintage pieces that we let sit in the storage room. They have a really special place in our heart. However, adding them to your multitude of home decors requires delicate styling skill.

If you have been collecting antique pieces and want to display them in your home, fret not! Know the secret of curating and decorating with your vintage pieces without the horror of turning your home into a museum with these handy tips:

1. Display your collections together.

Make a recurring visual in your home. Do not separate your collections by putting each item in different corners and shelves. To create a more cohesive look, place one collection all together in one place.

2. Group your items by colour.

When decorating with vintage pieces, you create the rules. If you are not okay with grouping them by collection, you can coordinate collections that are complementary. Vintage pieces will instantly become unified if you group them according to their colour.

3. Make use of your wall.


Make your wall a blank canvas for your knick knacks. You can create floating shelves that can act as display ledges for thoughtfully edited arrangement of artwork and some of your new (but old!) found objects.

4. Mix old with the new.

Doing this will allow you to see the evolution of design within a collection. Make your vintage decors look striking by putting it side by side with a new piece.

5. Display your well-loved pieces in unexpected areas.

Add visual interest to your space by putting vintage pieces in unexpected areas. Whether you put them behind glass shelves or atop your console, your vintage pieces will be a conversation starter.

6. Get creative with your old items.


Repurpose your old items into something really useful. Paint it, refurbish it, re-upholster it! As long as it’ll become more useful in your home, then you are on the right path.

7. Be proud of your family history.

Boast of your family mementoes and memorabilia by beautifully arranging them in a specific spot in your home. By displaying them, you will have a more personal space.

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