How to Maintain a Minimalist Home Life

Time to say goodbye to clutter and unnecessary stuff forever!

Updated on October 02, 2018 12:10 pm

Stephanie Yee

How to Maintain a Minimalist Home Life

Embracing the minimalist lifestyle is one of those life-changing decisions you can make as a homemaker. Living with less and having only what’s important has surely brought a new meaning, purpose, fulfilment, and lasting joy into your life.

Creating a minimalist home can be done easily. However, maintaining this kind of lifestyle is the real deal. Clutter is always a part of our lives and it tends to quickly pile up if you are not mindful of your habits.

Here are ways on how you can effectively maintain a minimalist home life:

1. Continue applying the 80/20 principle.

Generally, you only use 20% of your stuff 80% of the time. For example, you only use 20% of your handbags 80% of the time. This means you can effectively get rid of 80% of your things while hardly noticing its absence at all. Living a minimalist life is like that: following the 80/20 principle. Continue applying this to your life and you will get used to removing things without feeling bad at all.

2. Keep a donation box accessible to everyone.


Prevent clutter from piling up by making a donation box or bag accessible to everyone in your home. Discard any unused or unwanted items right away as soon as you spot them.

3. Reshape your habits.

Keeping your home tidy and clutter-free is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you live a minimalist life. Whether it’s 10 minutes every morning while you wait for your coffee to brew or a few minutes after you’ve returned from work in the afternoon, make sure that you can do other small tasks in between such as sorting your mails once you have them or putting your laundry in a basket. This will make tidying up and maintaining your space easier.

4. One In – One Out Rule


Always remember the One in – One out rule. When you buy a new sweater, discard one old sweater that doesn’t fit your style anymore. If you’ve bought a new pair of heels, time to swap out the pair that has already been worn out. This way, you can maintain the number of things you own and will minimise clutter in your home.

5. Clear off the counters every night.

Make it a habit to clear your countertops every night. Sure, a neatly lined-up appliances or furniture looks good, but nothing makes your home look more organised and clutter-free than by storing things away into your cabinets and drawers when you're not using them.

6. Be mindful of what you bring inside your home.


Living a minimalist life is not just having an organised home—it is also about learning to live less and discerning only what’s important. Always be mindful of the stuff you bring inside your home because it might just become an unwanted clutter. Take only the things that you need to use and keep the junk at bay.

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