How To Make That Perfect Bed

Create a hotel-like experience in your bedroom with these tips.

Updated on August 13, 2019 10:08 am

Catherine Zhang

How To Make That Perfect Bed

Ever stayed in a hotel and found yourself thinking “I want this kind of bed at home”? Well, you are not alone. The bed is the foundation of any bedroom and it is absolutely normal to aspire for a perfect sanctuary with the perfect bed in it.

However, this can be a tricky task. If you want to create that perfect bed for your home, here are ways how:

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1. For you to achieve the perfect bed you’ve ever wanted, you must invest in high-quality bedding. It’s quite an investment, but it will be worthy of your time, effort, and money. There are a lot of high-quality beddings in the market right now. When you already have one, don’t forget to make your bed each time you get up, fluff all your pillows, and neatly arrange the top of your bed!

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2. Who doesn’t like having crisp and white linens on your bed? As much as you love patterned sheets, sticking to the classics is almost always the way to add elegance and glamour to your space. Not only does white resemble freshness, elegance, and timelessness, you can easily match it with any colour based on your mood!

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3. This is one perfect example of adding colour to your white bedding. Colour can easily change the mood of any of your room. If you’d like to add a dollop of fun and a splash of cheery vibe, you might want to use vibrant colours such as yellow, orange, green, or use darker colours to heighten up the mood and inject subtle seduction.

Of course, no matter what colour you add, it is always important to take note of the mattress and pillows you are going to use. The path to a perfect bed and comfy sleep are sturdy mattresses and supportive—not just fluffy—pillows.

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4. It’s totally fine if you don’t like having a colourful bed. Hotels usually have their rooms monochromatic. This allows them to make their guests feel relaxed and comfortable. You can have your room in whites and greys, or mix in off whites, beige, and light browns to give your room that cosy vibe and your bed just the right mix of relaxing colours.

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5. Notice the beds in hotels, what do they have on top? No, not those swan-shaped towels. Hotels always have a sheet of linen placed on top of the bed. It is called a bed topper. A bed topper adds an extra layer of comfort in beds. Whether you use a quilt, linen, or a mattress, this piece can set the tone of your bedroom.

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6. There are a lot of materials you can use but take note that cotton is king in making the perfect bed. After a long, exhausting day, nothing beats the comfort of a well-made bed. Durable sheets are made out of 100% cotton. Yet cotton can be expensive and for some humid countries, linen is the best option.

No matter which kind of material you use, remember that in creating the perfect bed, neatness matters. Always make sure that you smoothen the mattress cover by pulling it tightly over all four corners, unfold fitted sheet then spread it out over your bed, then fit the corners and smoothen everything with your hand. Enjoy!

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