How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Here are sure-fire ways to make your space look like a million-dollar property.

Updated on October 31, 2018 8:10 am

Catherine Zhang

How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Every once in a while, you dream of having a home with grandiose interior design. You’d want to make your home look rich— the problem is, you don’t have millions of Singapore dollars to spare to make that big renovation.

But you don't need to let budget get in the way of having a luxurious and glamorous home. Here are affordable yet sure-fire ways to make your abode look straight out from a luxury magazine:

1. Adorn your walls with large-scale art.

Design by The Scientist

Art makes a big impact in your home. By incorporating a huge artwork on your wall, you can make it look like as if you’ve spent a huge sum of money to decorate your space. A big painting that spans all the way across the wall and all the way to the ceiling attracts the attention of guests and creates a good focal point in every home. Be wary though in choosing the right kind of artwork. Large florals and geometric patterns usually create a better impression than picturesque scenes.

2. Anything that comes in three

Design by Distinct Identity

When you decorate your home, always remember the rule of threes. Anything that comes in threes look more well put together and satisfying. Grouping your decorations in three will make your space organised, thus looking expensive.

3. Thoughtfully placed items for an elegant flair

Design by Story of Us

Focus on your shelves, coffee tables, consoles, and counters. Stack your books horizontally and vertically, and layer in other accessories to create vignettes. You can also display objects that complement and contrast each other. Consider symmetry by having a balanced display in every room. These might be simple things, but these will add big impact to your home.

4. Pick a palette and use it religiously.

Design by Luxespace Interior

A unified look is brought by sticking to your chosen colour palette for your home. One by one, you can add complementing pieces that will look perfect when placed side by side your colour choice.

5. Light up your space.

Design by Aestherior

Make sure that natural lighting and source lighting will fill your space. Do not allow dark corners to overpower your posh pieces of furniture. You can use statement lighting to make your space look more fab and stylish.

6. Simplify.

Design by Dots ‘n’Tots

Contrary to popular beliefs, all you need to do to have a luxurious-looking home is to simplify your styling. While it is true that spending more will give you the most chic and expensive look, giving your decorations a space to breathe will allow them to stand out in each room. Nothing looks more elegant than a home that's well put together.

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