How to Mount Artwork on Walls

Hanging art on walls could be as easy as deciding where to place the frame, hammering a nail on the wall, and voila, artwork-filled walls.

Updated on October 02, 2018 14:10 pm

Camille Besinga

How to Mount Artwork on Walls

If you really want to plan the aesthetics of hanging up or displaying artwork, here’s a tip that many designers, and even galleries and museums, use:

1. Center your frames on 58” off the ground, to put your frames at standard eye level.

2. With a measuring tape, measure 58” from the floor up to the wall, and mark that spot. That mark should then be at the very dead-center of the frame you wish to hang.


3. Measure the height of your frame, and divide it by 2. For example, your frame is 36” high, divided by 2, will give you 18”.

4. Stretch the wire of your frame at full tension, then measure the distance between that point and the top of your frame. Say, the measurement is 4”.

5. Subtract this last number from the previous one (18” – 4” = 14”). Then from the 58”-mark you made on the wall, add the answer (14”) upward and make a final mark: This is the point where you hammer in your nail. If you are using a picture hook or hanger, the bottom or crook of the hanger should rest on that final mark.

It sounds complicated to read, but when you’re actually doing it, it makes the task so much simpler. Just make sure that you get the right picture hook or hanger for the particular weight of your frame.

When making arrangements of a group of pictures, think of the grouping as one big artwork, and center that grouping on 58”.

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