How to Properly Light Your Kitchen

Doing a remodel of your kitchen? Consider creating a lighting plan.

Updated on June 16, 2017 11:06 am

Camille Besinga


Many times, residents and homeowners only look at design, layout, and décor for their spaces, particularly the kitchen. Lighting is often an overlooked aspect, but many experts agree that it should be given top priority.

The kitchen is a place where we do an important task: cooking meals for our loved ones. This is why a substantial amount of light is needed to help us see properly, particularly when preparing our ingredients, cooking on the stove, and cleaning up after meals.

But at the same time, good lighting helps make a space look more warm and inviting, and the kitchen should evoke the same as it is, more often than not, a space where we also host and entertain guests.

The best way to make your kitchen accommodate all these requirements is by "layering" the lights. Every kitchen needs at least two of the three kinds of lighting: general, task, and accent.

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1. General lighting is light that fills the entire room. This may be achieved via recessed lights, or a center light fixture, such as a chandelier.

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2. Recessed lights are great for general lighting purposes, and they can be placed most anywhere as you won’t need to worry about clearance from doors and cabinets.

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3. A pendant light over the counter provides sufficient task lighting as well as adds a decorative element to this bright contemporary kitchen.

Design by Love Home Interior Design

4. Lights under cabinets provide task lighting on countertops. But when placed above cabinets and under counters and/or islands, they provide a warm and cosy ambience in the kitchen.


5. Fancy light fixtures are no longer shunned in the kitchen; these French crystal chandeliers add a glamourous feel to one of the home’s busiest rooms.


6. Wall sconces are another way of providing ambient, accent lighting in the kitchen. When task lights and general lights are too bright, these accent lights should do the trick. Better if they’re on dimmer switches!

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