How To Reduce Trash At Home

Move a step further towards waste-free living with these handy tips.

Updated on June 10, 2019 15:06 pm

Catherine Zhang

How To Reduce Trash At Home

One of the most important steps everyone must undertake in protecting the environment is to find ways to reduce waste and move towards a more waste-free lifestyle. While the whole idea of going waste-free can be a bit overwhelming, a great place to start is at the comfort of our own home. Every day, we can do baby steps towards forming the habit and further making it a lifestyle.

Below are simple ways on how you can reduce the amount of waste produced in your home and say goodbye to your bad habits:

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

The best way to reduce waste at home is to buy less. Whenever you go grocery shopping, try to minimise waste by checking first your items at home. Only buy things that you need and should be replenished. Another thing is to reuse. If your stuff can no longer serve their original purpose, maybe it's time to upcycle or recycle it to make it useable again. Anything that you can give a second or third life will reduce the tremendous amount of waste you produce at home.

2. Buy reusable products

Switching to reusable items is a big step towards a waste-free life. A lot of eco-friendly Singaporean stores are coming out nowadays, offering a wide range of reusable products such as cloth bags, reusable straws, just to name a few. There are many other practical reusable items that you can all integrate into your daily lives other than using plastic bags.

3. Make a meal plan

Aside from material waste, food waste can also be a huge problem in households. But the good news is it can be preventable. It might sound like a no-brainer but only buy groceries that you will eat. Create a simple meal plan so that you’ll have a guide on what and what not to buy when you go to the market. You’ll be surprised by how much waste you can reduce when you follow a meal plan.

4. Invest in good storage containers

Once you’ve learned to buy only what you need, you now need to invest in some good storage containers that will keep your supplies fresh for as long as possible. Get airtight containers for your kitchen supplies and anything that can stale quickly while reusable containers and bulk bins are important for loose food items that you’ve recently bought from the farmer’s market or grocery.

5. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is another practical way to reduce waste at home. Single-serving sizes equate to a bulk of garbage, while bulk purchases create less waste. The smaller the quantities of the products you buy, the more often you have to buy them. This also means more packaging, and more transportation, distribution, and production required. However, only buy what you need at home. Check for the expiration date, if there is so that nothing would go to waste after two to three weeks.

6. Go paperless

You might not notice it but your mailbox can be pretty overloaded with catalogues and junk mail every day. Take a few minutes to cancel your subscriptions and stop unsolicited mails, if you can. You can also go paperless with your bills and switch to digital billing since everything can be online nowadays. Your coffee table and mailbox will surely thank you for the clutter you get rid of since the amount of paper waste has been lessened.

7. Donate old items

People evolve. Life progress. Even if you still love your comfy old sweater, if it doesn’t fit you anymore, maybe it’s time to give it up for donation. When you have things that you don’t want or use anymore, donating them to charity should always be kept in mind.

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