How to Repurpose Old Mugs and Teacups

Upcycle your collection into stylish and cosy home decorations with these ideas.

Updated on October 30, 2018 8:10 am

Luisa Wong

How to Repurpose Old Mugs and Teacups

Ever find yourself staring at your old mugs and dainty yet chipped teacups? It can be heartbreaking to throw them out but not doing so may clutter your space.

From planters to cushions, there are fun ways to spruce up your home with mug and teacup crafts so you won’t need to part with them. And, there’s no need to buy new ones to create these crafts! With minimal modification, these fine porcelain objects can be upcycled from being just kitchen clutter into chic and contemporary home decor. All you need to have is an ounce of creativity and a dash of imagination.

Check out these DIY ideas:

1. Kitchen organiser


With screws, glue, and reclaimed pieces of wood, you can turn your mugs into a perfect kitchen organiser. It can prettily and stylishly store your linens and table napkins.

2. Candle holder


Incorporate your candle-making skills when upcycling your teacups. Go get your vintage teacups, coloured granulated wax, and candle wicks to make dainty teacup candles for your home. You can even gift these to your friends on special occasions.

3. Table lamp


Round up your saucers or dishes, favourite knick knacks, and some of the random things that you like to design your teacup lamp. Do not limit yourself with decorations—let your personality shine through this lamp!

4. Cupcake stand


Invite your friends over for a cool Alice in Wonderland themed-tea party with a cake stand that is made out of your old mugs and teacups .

5. Planter


Your old teacups can hold herbs, flowers, and succulents perfectly. Display these decorative sconces on top of your coffee tables or outside on your porch.

6. Makeup Organiser


Create a makeup organiser using your old dinnerware. Mix and match your once-favourite teacups with old and new dinnerware to keep your cosmetic collection in one place.

7. Pincushion


With a scrap of fabric, plush, and a hot glue gun, you can make a firm pincushion to keep your sewing needles and pins neatly organised.

8. Vintage chandelier


With your collection, you can hang a few of them individually, or you could cluster a few together to make a statement lighting fixture. But if you are feeling extra, take out your old teacups and saucers so you can create a chandelier that you can hang in your kitchen. Swing from your vintage chandelier made of old teacups!

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