How to Stress Less and Create a Happier Home

Five ways to get rid of negative thoughts and foster happiness at home this 2015

Updated on August 29, 2018 12:08 pm

Suqi Ng

How to Stress Less and Create a Happier Home

The first days of the year are the perfect time to write down reflections and resolutions for a better year! Here are top five negative thoughts about ourselves and our homes, and how we can let them go for a happier home and a happier new you.


1. Trying to be perfect

Sometimes looking at pictures of perfect homes gets me envious. Why can’t my living room be as clean as my friend's? Why can’t my desk stay clutter-free all the time? Why can’t I stick to my cleaning schedule? The perfectionists in us get worked up over all these details, and we forget that we have to cut ourselves some slack and let our homes be simply enjoyable and homely instead of being picture perfect!

2. Trying to keep up with the occasions all the time

It’s Halloween and I haven’t put up any décor! It’ll be Christmas in a week, and the kids kept pulling down the Christmas tree ornaments and threatening to destroy the tree! We try to keep up with the seasons and create festive moods, but it’s all right sometimes to just say it’s ok, I’m just going to keep it simple and celebrate the festival my way. If the Christmas tree is too much of a hassle with toddlers and curious pets around this year, why not try an innovative “wallpaper Christmas tree” instead of putting up a real tree? Draw a Christmas tree on a big green coloured paper, cut it up, stick it on the wall, cut up paper ornaments, and have the kids "hang" them up with glue, and then you can put the presents under the tree.


3. Feeling that your home is too quiet

A home is filled with warmth when it has laughter and love! If you feel that your home is in need of some noise and laughter, don’t wait for it to happen, and you don't have to wait for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas to arrange for a gathering. Just invite some friends over for a cosy gathering over the weekend or create a family visiting tradition where you and your family members take turns to visit each other’s homes for a nice meal and chit chat once every month or even once every week.

4. Avoiding problems instead of facing them

Avoiding problems won’t make them go away. In some cases, they may even snowball into bigger concerns. Sometimes I think that if I leave a corner of my dining table messy, the clutter would grow over time and it would soon become a mountain of papers, books, pens, boxes, plastic bags, etcetera. Although we mustn’t let the perfectionists in us drive ourselves mad, it would do us good to clear up the mess before they get out of control!


5. Entertaining negative thoughts

Keep yourself happy and relaxed by saying positive things about yourself, your home, your loved ones, and your job! Don’t hoard those negative thoughts and let them get you down. Negative thoughts only attract clutter and chaos in your head!

Enjoy a cup of hot coffee and be happy!

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