How to Use Lego Bricks as Home Decor

Time to pick up those pieces and let them add character to your home

Updated on October 23, 2018 8:10 am

Catherine Zhang

How to Use Lego Bricks as Home Decor

Lego bricks can entertain the kids and adults alike. While it can boost creativity, these building blocks can also be used to prettify a home. How, lah? Time to pick up those Lego pieces and build quirky and colourful home decorations.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your Lego collection:

1. Lego lamp


Make nights brighter with your Lego lamp. Build your own night light with just a few pieces of Lego blocks and an LED bulb.

2. Tissue holder


Make a nest and colourful tissue holder with your Lego blocks. You can easily change it by just rearranging some of the pieces.

3. Tissue box cover


If you are a huge germaphobe, this Lego project is perfect for you. Make your very own Lego tissue box cover—it’s economical, practical, and not to mention, easy to make!

4. Key holder


Worry no more about losing your keys with these cute DIY Lego key holders that you can quickly create.

5. Coasters


Make fashionable coasters out of spare Lego blocks. It’s also a great conversation starter when you have guests coming over for dinner.

6. Lego table


What a better way to impress your visitors than with a Lego table? Customise this Lego table based on your colour and design preference so that it can represent you well.

7. Kitchen utensils holder


What’s amazing about Lego is that it can be transformed into things that are beyond our imagination. Whether as pencil holder or as a kitchen storage unit, you can go wild with your Lego blocks.

8. Kitchen backsplash


If you’re undecided on which material you should use for your kitchen backsplash, you can use Lego blocks as temporary materials! These colourful blocks will surely enliven your cooking space.

9. Lego clock


Unleash your inner geek with this DIY Lego clock that is highly customisable, affordable, and easy to make!

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