Living Room Layouts When You Want A TV In This Space

Find out which one works best for you and your home.

Updated on July 16, 2019 12:07 pm

Jemma Chiu

Living Room Layouts When You Want A TV In This Space

Your living room plays different roles: a spot for entertaining guests, a place for sharing a conversation or two with your kids, a corner for reading a book during your free time, an area for watching your fave TV shows and movies. Sometimes, it also works double time as your child’s playroom and your spouse’s work space. With everything that's going on in your living room, having the right layout is important especially when you have a big television to consider.

If you are having difficulties arranging this area, here are living room layouts you might want to consider:

The formal living room


This kind of layout is one of the most common living room set up that we see in homes nowadays. With sofas facing each other and a coffee table at the centre, the large built-in cabinet accommodates the TV. The pieces of furniture are positioned around, making the TV the focal point of the room and can be easily viewed from whichever sofa you choose to sit.

Make way for the entryway


If your living room also serves as the entryway and people are walking in and out, you can pull the sofa a few inches from the wall and let it float in the middle of the room. This way, you can keep both: the walkway behind it and the priceless time you have with your family while watching TV.

The great divider


Make your open floor layout work for you by dividing it using your TV. This unconventional way of using your TV console to separate the living room and the dining area will not only help you create zones but is also an affordable way of utilising a room divider without spending too much.

Work-life balance


If you have really limited space at home, you can section your living room to create the perfect work-life environment. The good thing about sectioning it is that you can "divide" it without really dividing your space. This space is a small living room and home office with the desk situated beside the TV console and the sofa in U-shaped position. You can also swap a coffee table for occasional tables or storage at either end of seating to keep the central space open enough. But if you get easily distracted, this is not a conducive place to work.

An unblocked view


If you have no clean spot to place the TV, don’t fret because there’s a way for you to do it. Rather than blocking your window or putting it mindlessly at the centre of your space, you can try placing it in an unutilised space such as the corner. With your TV facing the room diagonally, it becomes unobtrusive and everyone can watch comfortably.

Right in front of you

Sometimes, space is really a limitation in arranging your living room. If you really have a small, square room, you can put your TV right in front of your sofa. Maximise the remaining space by installing decorative shelves or displaying pieces of art so that you can veer your guests’ attention away from the glaring TV in your living room if the need be.

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