5 Organising Secrets from Experts

The keys to effective and efficient decluttering, according to professional organisers

Updated on December 17, 2017 14:12 pm

Samantha Echavez

1. Brush up on the basics. Eileen Roth, author of Organizing for Dummies, lists them:

Right now. Clean up clutter as soon as you create it.

Every day. Spend 15 minutes at the end of each day putting things away so tomorrow is a brand new start.

The one-year rule. Every time you come across an object or piece of paper, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past year. If the answer is no, chances are the item can go.

2. Equip yourself with the "single most powerful organizing tool...the list," says Rosalie Maggio, author of The Art of Organising Anything. How to begin crafting your list? Conduct a house tour. "It’s how you’ll be able to see with a fresh eye all the hot spots where clutter piles up. The result will be a master list of areas you want to tackle," says Jamie Novak, author of 1000 Best Quick and Easy Organising Secrets.

3. Know what clutter really is. "Often, clutter is simply a postponed decision. Whenever you put off making a decision about something, you tend to leave it out until you get back to it. All those things sitting out waiting to be decided on in the meantime are clutter," says Novak.


4. Love it or lose it. "Only have the things in your home that you use and love. If it is something you need or that brings you joy then it qualifies as clutter," says Novak.

5. Use one kind of storage container or organising tool. "This is a simple remedy to what I call 'visual clutter'—that feeling of anxiety when everything is a jumble and your eye doesn’t know where to go. Clothes hang better and more uniformly if they’re all on the same kind of hanger," says Barbara Reich, author of The Secrets of an Organised Mom.

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