7 Practical Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter at Home

There’s nothing like the feeling of going home to a clean and organised space. The first step to make yours as orderly as it can be? Get rid of those paper clutter!

Updated on June 30, 2017 11:06 am

Luisa Wong


Have you ever had that moment where you just looked at your place and realized you’re living in what seemed like a paper factory? From bills to newspapers to receipts, it’s as if your home is covered in papers.

Try these easy steps to declutter papers at home:


1. Place them in a box. Bestselling author and cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kupper advises, “Clean off your desktop or kitchen counter by gathering and putting all your papers in a box for temporary storage.” Once you’ve done it, it will be easier for you to throw the trash away and keep what you still need. When you look for them, you’ll easily know where to find them.


2. Go digital. In today’s digital age, everything can be sent to your e-mail address: from bills to work documents and even electronic direct mails. Get off the subscribers list of direct mailers and if you want, start subscribing to them online.


3. Place trash bins where you can easily see them. Part of the decluttering process is knowing where to put trash the moment you see them. If your trash bin is visible and reachable at any point in time, you won’t have any excuse not to toss unnecessary papers away. Place one near your mailbox or your front door, too. Professional organizer Rachel Rosenthal says, “Use the time walking from your mailbox to sort out junk mail, and toss it before you even get inside.”


4. Get rid of receipts. If you’re guilty of hoarding receipts, getting rid of them may just be another great idea to reduce paper clutter in your home. Don’t save everything. Julie Morgenstern, author of the book "Organizing from the Inside Out," says, “You can, however, get rid of many of these receipts immediately rather than stuffing them into your purse, wallet, or desk drawer.”


5. Utilise writing boards. Do you love writing reminders on sticky notes? Why don’t you try using a writing board instead of pinning them on a corkboard? You can easily write reminders and meal plans on it, too. When it’s time to write a new one, you can simply erase and start again.


6. Recycle. Removing paper clutter at home does not only mean tossing them all into the trash bin. You can also be creative and resourceful. Try to recycle the papers that you don’t need anymore. Old magazines and newspapers can be used as gift wraps or even as a stylish vase! You’re not only decluttering your home, you’re also helping save the environment.


7. Be conscious of the papers you bring home. Once you got rid of the paper clutter in your home, it’s time to start being conscious of bringing them inside. Know which ones you actually need. “There’s no paper fairy that dumps clutter onto our desks at night. To begin reducing the volume, be more conscious about the paper you bring inside,” says organizing coach Maeve Richmond.

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