Shoe Storage Solutions For Small Homes

Too many shoes but so little space? No problem!

Updated on May 10, 2019 8:05 am

Catherine Zhang

Shoe Storage Solutions For Small Homes

Misplaced, mismatched, and easily scattered. Shoes are one of those things at home that can go out of hand quickly.

Organising your shoe collection starts with donating the ones that you don’t wear often. After the purge, if your small space is still cramped with your shoes, don’t worry because we’ve rounded up clever hacks to organise and store your shoes.

1. Use the back of the door.

Source: outsidethepitbox

Hold the door, Hodor, because you can use the back of your wardrobe door as your shoe storage space. Maximise your door’s role by installing rods.

2. Place a drawer near the doorway.

Source: Darby Lane Furniture

This is one of the easiest solutions to your shoe collection woes. Aside from that small drawer being a shoe organiser, it can also serve as parking for your keys and other stuff.

3. Use the golden space under the couch.

Source: The Tiny Canal Cottage

This is a very practical space to hide your shoes. You can have your couch customised to have those built-in cubbies underneath or you can place store-bought rolling storage boxes.

4. Under the bed

Source: Shelterness

Make use of that space under your bed by neatly placing your shoes in a pull-out layer.

5. Use a tiny ladder as a stylish shoe rack.

Source: A Pair and A Spare DIY

Ladders are not just extremely chic when used as home decor, it can also serve as a stylish shoe rack. Be sure to pick the small one and lean it against your wall to achieve that snazzy look.

6. An ottoman for shoes

Source: My List of Lists

Let your ottoman do the hard work by serving a dual purpose: as a seating option and a shoe storage!

7. Build your own wall-mounted storage bin.

Source: dcorevoce

A wall-mounted storage bin won’t take much space in your entryway. It is also highly customisable based on the length of the wall and the available space of your entryway.

8. Add a rustic touch with crates.

Source: Jen Wood House

If you have a lot of vertical space to use, try fitting in crates in as your shoe storage shelf. This will not only solve your shoe issues but it can also inject a rustic vibe into your home.

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