Shopping Guide: Bedside Tables

Make your bedroom look even more stylish with these chic pieces.

Updated on March 07, 2019 8:03 am

Catherine Zhang

Shopping Guide: Bedside Tables

A bedside table is a practical piece of furniture reserved for the book you can’t stop reading before you go to bed, your alarm clock (of course you need one!), or anything that you can park on it. Your room isn’t complete without it!

This extremely useful yet humble piece does not need to be boring at all. It can make your room chic and stylish—you just need to know which style fits your room and your lifestyle best. Find the one for you with this list we curated just for you:

1. This handmade Savannah Wicker Basket Wooden Side Table, $61.90, Forty Two , with removable wicker storage baskets, is perfect for your rustic bedroom.

2. Or you can go back to basics. This simple and practical Bedside Table Frame Tall, $490, Originals, is just right should you have limited or small space.

3. Create an organised oasis in your bedroom with the sleek and modern Trysil, $59, IKEA nightstand.

4. Your bedside table should be just about the same height as the mattress—so go get this chic table made of Acacia wood. Element Bedside Table, $489, Harvey Norman

5. Furnish your room with this elegant Chinese Nightstand, $299, Nook and Cranny.

6. Make a bold statement in your room with this straight-lined sleek mirrored cabinets. It can also add depth and illusion. Etienne Bed Side Table/ Nightstand, $499, Finn Avenue

7. Regardless where you put this side table, you’ll surely adore its distressed and rugged look. Beekman Side Table Grey and White, $150, Taylor B

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