Shopping Guide: Kitchen Tools Under $100 That Will Make Your Life Easier

Because having the right kitchen tools makes life and cooking even more stress-free

Updated on April 15, 2019 14:04 pm

Luisa Wong

Shopping Guide: Kitchen Tools Under $100 That Will Make Your Life Easier

Kitchen goddesses, listen up! We’ve listed down affordable yet handy kitchen tools to equip you on your next master cooking show at home.

1. Sift and measure flour easily without the mess with this measuring cup and sifter. 3-Cup Measuring Flour Sifter, $31.95, Crate and Barrel

2. Chop onions without shedding tears with the Paderno Stainless Steel Onion Chopper, $44.20, Pantry Pursuits.

3. Make delicious burgers with perfect grill marks at home with this pro tool in barbecuing: Grilltider Hamburger press, $14.90, IKEA.

4. Mash, whisk, and chop fruits and vegetables with the Multi-purpose Hand Blender, $69, Mayer, with multiple attachments.

5. Remove corn kernels quickly and easily with the Progressive Pocket Corn Stripper, $14.32, Robinsons.

6. Make sure that your knives are sharp enough to cut through your meat with the easy-to-use Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, $51.00, Lazada.

7. Whether fine or coarse, cheese is more fun to incorporate in your cooking when you have a grater that you can trust. Värdefull, $9.90, IKEA

8. Prepare your avocados for fajitas, salads, and sandwiches without the mess with the Amco Avodaco Slicer and Pitter, $25.50, Bake King.

9. Make popcorns at home easily for your next movie marathon with the family with this silicon-based microwaveable popcorn maker. Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine 3-pack of Microwave Single Portion Popcorn Makers, $39, Tangs

10. Make the best coffee in the morning with this compact coffee knock box that bangs out your coffee grinds. Grindenstein (Grey) by Dreamfarm, $34.90, Forty Two

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