Shopping Guide: Lighting Fixtures That Are Great Conversation Starters

These products will surely light up your home!

Updated on May 21, 2019 17:05 pm

Catherine Zhang

Shopping Guide: Lighting Fixtures That Are Great Conversation Starters

Don’t underestimate the power of good and stylish lighting fixture in your home. Not only can it boost your home’s lighting requirements, it can also make a lasting impression on your guests. With its inevitable power to stylise and influence the vibe of your space, having the right lighting fixture is a decorating essential.

We’ve carefully selected some of the most stylish lighting fixtures, and where to get them:

Source: Taylor B.

1. Complement your stylish bedroom with the Half Sphere Table Lamp, $399, Taylor B., that will make nighttime reading fancier and more glamorous.

Source: Lightcraft

2. Give your space the element of surprise, enjoyment, and inspiration with this unique suspension lamp featuring three pentagons linked together. With the Urbana, $438.30, Lightcraft, you can inject lots of personality to whichever corner of your home you decide to hang this beauty.

Source: Three Cubes

3. Make a statement in your dining room with the stylish Pendant Lamp (Glass Droplets), $398, Three Cubes, from the only brand that uses natural, recyclable, and sustainable materials in creating its original pieces.

Source: Lights and Co

4. Allow your creativity to take off with adjustable hanging light. You can adjust the drop of the Spider Hanging Light, $109, Lights and Co, based on your liking and change the light design if you’re feeling tired with its look.

Source: IKEA

5. Imitate the night sky and add glimmer to your home with the Hovnäs, $149, IKEA. This will add a soft and cosy glow to your room with its built-in variable touch dimmer that you can turn off, turn on, and dim the lamp with only a light touch of your finger.

Source: Castlery

6. Add character to your space with the luxurious Marshall Floor Lamp, $229, Castlery. With its bulb reflected inwards, the light is diffused on the shade that distributes light evenly and softens it to a broad, warm glow.

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