Shopping Guide: 8 Must-Have Cute Accessories For The Kids' Bedroom

Prettify their space with these items.

Updated on September 06, 2018 8:09 am

Stephanie Yee

Shopping Guide: Must-Have Cute Accessories For The Kids' Bedroom

Your kids’ bedroom is a place where you can nurture their talents and cultivate creativity by letting their imagination fly. Decorating their space is crucial as you don’t want to make it look too mature or too whimsical for them. Getting ideas on the internet is easy—you just have to know which ones will suit your kids’ bedroom best.

We’re letting you take a sneak peak of our kids’ bedroom must-haves list:

1. Teach your kids to keep all their toys in one place with an organiser that they can bring from one room to another. Flisat, $39.90, IKEA

2. Don’t let them stumble in the dark by getting them a cute and handy LED night light. Chargeable Night Light Bee, $85.90, Deer Industries

3. Create a cosy little cave for your girls in their own bedroom by getting them curtains for their bunkbed. Fairytale Curtains, $169.00, Little Wode

4. Plain shelves? Get your boys one of these plane-inspired shelf. Bi-plane wall shelf, $149, Piccolo House

5. Get your kids the perfect cute stool that can also be used as a small side table for their playroom. Alice Stool, $149, Cuckoo Little Lifestyle

6. Train your kids how to sort and store their things properly with these colourful storage bins. KidKraft Sort It & Store it Bin Unit, $149, Motherswork

7. Of course, it won’t be a kids’ room without bean bags! Get your kids these cute whale bean bag sofa and let them have a comfy place to lounge in. Bean Bag Sofa, $138, Ibenma

8. A lovely cushion will put a smile on your kid's face. These floral cushions with a wide range of colour variety will definitely be a room favourite! Flower Cushion, $56 per piece, Ni-Night

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