Shopping Guide: Nifty Organisers For Your Kids' School Stuff

Win the constant battle against clutter, especially that it's back to school for your little ones.

Updated on June 29, 2019 0:06 am

Stephanie Yee

Shopping Guide: Nifty Organisers For Your Kids' School Stuff

It's back to school season again! Along with it comes the constant battle against clutter. With your kids going back and forth, you'll also be chasing down their stuff—paper works, bags, lunchboxes, shoes, clothes—more than you'll ever know. At the end of the day, you'll be so tired while everything is still in chaos.

Worry not. Keeping key spots in your home as organised as possible will help you win the battle and your kids can actually help you in it. Try purchasing any of these nifty organisers that you can install in your kids' study space so that you can combat the desktop clutter in your home.

Source: IKEA

1. Regardless if it's standing or lying, used to divide a room or put against the wall, Kallax, $20, IKEA will surely adapt to your space and even your budget. Fine tune shelving units, drawers, boxes, and desks with this hanging organiser.

Source: Cotton On

2. If their desk can't accommodate more organisers, get this Typo Shaped Wire Organiser, $29.99, Cotton On, to help them with their to-do list.

Source: Muji

3. If you are up for something minimal yet offers an all-in-one solution to desktop clutter, this PP File Box, $11.30, Muji, is perfect for your little one.

Source: Naiise

4. Looking for an on-the-go organiser? The Gekko Organiser Board - Script Mooy, $29.50, Naiise, will be your child's best study mate while providing smart storage. Simply stick on the elastic straps and pen holder. The multifunctional organiser integrates well with a binder, but can also fit in any bags with the help of the detachable side clips.

Source: Kikki-k

5. Add a knack of style in their study space with this gold-coloured Step File, $29.90, Kikki-k.

Source: Etsy

6. If they want something rustic and industrial, here's UrbanEdison Rustic Desk Organiser Lamp, $69.89, Etsy. This fantastic piece features a beautiful brass corner with three spacious compartments. The Edison bulb side pipe lamp brings the perfect steampunk industrial feel, thanks to its rustic oak finish.

Source: Cotton On

7. Does your child like to do scrapbooking or is into arts and crafts? Help them keep their bits and bobs using an organiser with perfect drawers. The Typo Quick Desk Drawer Storage, $19.99, Cotton On, comes with four cute pull-out drawers.

Source: Lazada

8. Get this sleek wooden multifunctional organising rack that has sections for pens or pencils, scissors, paper clips, staples, note paper, and books. Deli Document Holder, $16.60, Lazada

Source: IUGA

9. Let their creative juices flow with an organiser that they can mix and match. Durable, sleek, and in a timeless finishing, this 6-piece Modular Desk Organizer Set, $29.00, IUGA, is the best tool to store and organise their documents, stationery, and other school essentials.

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