6 Smart Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Cabinet

Bid mess and clutter adieu with these brilliant tips to perfectly arrange your kitchen cabinets.

Updated on November 17, 2018 8:11 am

Stephanie Yee

Smart Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Cabinet

Organising your kitchen is more than just stacking the dishes tidily, putting your pans in their proper places, or cleaning the fridge. It also entails hours of work organising your kitchen cabinets, which probably hold some of the most essential things that you need in the kitchen.

We’ve put together some of the most brilliant and smart ways to keep things in order in your kitchen cabinets. Check them out:

1. Store your kitchen items by use.


Arrange the things in your kitchen cabinet based on the frequency of use. Put the things you use on a regular basis at an eye level or on the lower shelf so you can reach them easily, while the special-occasion pieces you can position up above. It will save you time in getting what you need while keeping your cabinet organised.

2. Label your spices properly.


One of the smartest ways to save space in your kitchen cabinets is to decant other foods and spices into clear jars and put label on them. This will be really helpful when you do a quick inventory on your supplies.

3. Stack your containers’ lids according to size.


Instead of letting your containers’ lids floating around or worse, go rogue, stack them from largest to smallest in a separate shelf. Do not just put the lid anywhere it fits or you might go crazy when finding them.

4. Use the door efficiently.


Whether you use cork boards, peg boards, or adhesive hooks, maximise the space in your cabinet by hanging whatever works on the inside of the doors. This will create extra space to store other things such as towels, serving tools, or even grocery lists!

5. Insert a shelf riser.


Most kitchen cabinets include one shelf only. However, we all know that this is often not enough. What you can do is to use a shelf riser to add a second tier in your cabinet. With this, you can have ample space to store twice as many pans, casseroles, plates, or whatever pantry essential that you have to store in the cabinet. Also, you can keep things in order by using this space hack.

6. Make use of your baskets.


Bins and baskets are your friends in organising an open-shelved kitchen cabinet. Stash your items in rattan baskets and organise them by category. Don’t forget to properly label them!

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