Spaces We Love: 5 Scandi-Industrial Homes In Singapore

Appreciate the beauty of raw and rich earthy look of these abodes.

Updated on March 13, 2019 8:03 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 5 Scandi-Industrial Homes In Singapore

Scandinavian-Industrial, or what we love to call Scandi-Industrial, is one of the most popular design concepts in Singaporean homes. The warmth, functionality, clean lines, and simple elegance of Scandinavian design is further enhanced by the warehouse look of the industrial concept. These two work well together because they have some common threads: neutral tones, texture, and functionality.

Appreciate the beauty of natural and raw materials without a lot of ornamental decors by combining these two design concepts in your home. Let these Singaporean homes inspire you to do so:

1. Design by The Scientist

The raw, textural laminate chosen for this home’s open layout exudes edginess, while the wooden tones gave it a really homey and inviting vibe that anyone would love to see. Adding industrial elements to this home in Upper Serangoon Crescent gave it a more unique and out-of-the-box aesthetic.

2. Design by Space Factor

Most young couples choose Scandi-Industrial design for their homes because it is easier to maintain, more streamlined, and straightforward. The apartment of this fashionable, young couple in Rainforest, Singapore required meticulous attention to details in order to reflect the owners’ personality. Their home is both chic and earthy combined with seamless industrial elements to perfectly showcase the lifestyle of the owners.

3. Design by Three-d Conceptwerke

The clean lines of Scandinavian design is a great match for the raw, blunt aesthetics of industrial. By applying an industrial touch to the Scandinavian style of this home, a more glamorous and elegant look was achieved to match what the homeowners prefer. By incorporating these two designs, you can achieve whatever look you want for your space. Whether it is a lighter, more refined, and more down to earth look or even darker with a more vintage feel, Scandi-Industrial will take your interior design expertise to the next level.

4. Design by Voila

The visual effect that Scandi-Industrial creates is very interesting. This design style works best in kitchens because of its straightforward manner. This kitchen in Sembawang Close gives a sense of quiet calm because of its streamlined design, which makes cooking an easy task.

5. Design by Icon Interior

This 4-room BTO in Punggol Drive has a partial open concept design. You can add a bit more life and character by adding pops of colour and interesting decors to your space.

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