Spaces We Love: 6 Asian-Themed Homes in Singapore

Let these well thought out, carefully designed homes be your guide to decorating your home the Asian style.

Updated on August 07, 2018 8:08 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Asian-Themed Homes in Singapore

Asian-themed homes evoke serenity and calmness. This kind of theme for your home is perfect in urban Singapore as it would help you find your Zen in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of city life. However, it takes careful thought and precision in using this style as you don’t want your home to look and feel cold.

Usher in harmony and peace as you go through these five Asian-themed homes for your design inspo:

1. Design by AO Studio

This apartment in Bishan is definitely rocking that modern Asian edge and is spacious enough for its owners. The walls are a combination of solid light wood panels, sliding doors, and standard throughways. Wooden and white tones dominate the space, making it look more mature than any Asian-themed home.

2. Design by Homeland Design

Asian-themed homes are not limited to Oriental design. This three-bedroom condominium unit at The Pearl showcases a vintage Indian style that brings a nostalgic feeling to the homeowners.

3. Design by Darwin Interior

Reminiscent of a Balinese resort, this home in Melville Park in Simei evokes a relaxing vibe. With its dark wood accent complemented with potted indoor plants, faux wood blinds, and comfy cushions, the living room simulates a romantic Balinese getaway.

4. Design by Distinct Identity

This home in Springhill in Sembawang pulls together a contemporary Asian-style abode, what with its neutral tones as well as the minimal use of decor. Its modern style incorporates straight-lined, dark wood furniture, parquet flooring, and eco-friendly elements that are often seen in Asian-themed homes.

5. Design by The Minimalist Society

This Muji-inspired flat created by The Minimalist Society follows a simple but functional design characteristics of a Japanese home. In the bedroom, the bed sits on a platform cum storage, while the minimal room accent enhances the effect of the ceiling height and natural light.

6. Design by Museworks

This common room in a private house in Toh Tuck Crest shows an eclectic mix of art and accessories.The room is full of travel finds, custom pieces, and antique furniture. Traditional and Asian elements in this design scheme definitely make the home eclectic, interesting, and visually appealing.

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