Spaces We Love: 6 Impressive Balconies in Singaporean Homes

Embrace the outdoors in comfort with these design ideas.

Updated on October 10, 2018 8:10 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 6 Impressive Balconies in Singaporean Homes

There are a bunch of cool ways on how to utilise and decorate your balcony. Regardless if it’s narrow or too small, you can still make this open space cosier and mesmerising. Small balconies can be as lovely and attractive as large ones if you know what to do with your space.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these impressive balcony design ideas from real Singaporean homes and use them as inspiration for your own:

1. Design by Chapter B

If you have a narrow "indoor balcony," you can add pieces of furniture that are proportional to the length and size of your space. The advantage of having an indoor balcony is that you can decorate it as much as you can without the fear that it might get ruined because of the weather. Just like in this unit in Hillview Rise, install a counter and match it with bar stools to enjoy the city view at night. You can even have blinds installed so that you can regulate the amount of light passing through your balcony.

2. Design by Dots N Tots Interior Design

When decorating your balcony, choose the right materials that will make your space look like a deck of a charming suburban home. This balcony in Waterfront Condo is a real stunner decorated with greeneries and unique vintage knick knacks.

3. Design by Distinct Identity

Create your very own version of al fresco dining if you have a bigger balcony space. Arrange your greeneries and put them in a vertical planter box for a more fresh and airy feel.

4. Design by Prozfile

Take your guests to your balcony to get a whiff of fresh air while you watch the cityscape at night. Add comfortable chairs where you can just lounge while you relax and sip some wine. Anyway, furniture that serves several purposes at once is a wise choice.

5. Design by JQ Ong / The Associates

Want to achieve a dynamic and attractive outdoor dining area? Take a cue from this home at The Peak, which is decorated with mismatched chairs and a family-sized dining table and stylish industrial lamp.

6. Design by Posh Living Interior

Think of natural materials such as wood, water, straw, and bamboo to make your balcony more inviting. Make it look more exciting with a cushioned swing set and a splash of greeneries. But if you do not have a green thumb, you can also lay a strip of faux grass in your balcony—it's low maintenance!

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