Spaces We Love: 6 Industrial-Style Bathrooms To Inspire Your Renovation

Here are bath spaces that feature flair and drama with a dose of boldness.

Updated on March 29, 2018 10:03 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 6 Industrial-Style Bathrooms To Inspire Your Renovation

Industrial-style spaces look dramatic and adventurous at the same time. It is perfect for bathrooms as the space will react magnificently to the distinctive and raw elements of the theme.

Pull off that perfect industrial-style bathroom with these design inspo for your next home makeover project:

1. Design by Space Sense Studio

Don’t leave your visitors in the dark! Keep your bathroom well-lit with industrial-style lighting fixtures. They usually come in bold styles with dark metals and look like a piece of art with their creative designs.

2. Design by Copper Design

Bathrooms with an industrial theme hold a different kind of mystique appearance due to the arrangement of the elements. They have an enticing atmosphere that comes off from the rustic yet functional pieces.

3. Design by Elpis Interior

This bathroom in a Hougang home combined wood, concrete, and metals that ultimately exude sheer simplicity and natural rustic feel in the space.

4. Design by Eightytwo

Industrial-themed bathrooms are sleek and stylish. This modern industrial bath space lives up to its promise of cool, cosy, with a touch of minimalist vibe, thanks to the use of subway tiles on the walls.

5. Design by Inzz Studio

Contrary to misconceptions, wood is a good material that can be used as frames for mirrors, doors, and windows. This bathroom in Gim Moh Edge used wood for its mirror frames as well as in cabinets, providing warmth and contrast to the cold concrete walls.

6. Design by Form and Space

Exposed materials such as pipes give off a raw and vintage feel to your bathroom. Having it detached from your walls or ceilings is a kind of a #throwback to the time when indoor pipes were still scarce. Dull metals for the pipes can definitely pull off that vintage industrial look that you want to achieve.

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