Spaces We Love: 6 Singaporean Homes with Extraordinary Walls

These residences prove that walls should never be boring.

Updated on November 02, 2018 8:11 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 6 Singaporean Homes with Extraordinary Walls

Decorating a small home will make your space look crammed and cluttered. But if you have a blank wall, you don’t need to waste a huge amount of floor space to up your design ante. Let that wall ooze with your personality!

If you are in dire need of inspiration to decorate your walls, we’ve rounded up homes with beautiful walls that you can take note of. Be inspired by these Singaporean homes:

1. Design by Free Space Intent

The unfinished brick wall of this BTO in Punggol Walk gives this home that raw industrial vibe. The spaces not covered with bricks exude an added layer of cosy ambiance in the living room.

2. Design by The Scientist

A block of wood might seem an ordinary decor, but when used the right way, it can create a perfect, modern wall decor for your home. This one-of-a-kind jumbo flat in Woodlands used blocks of wood to create a 3D effect on the living room walls.

3. Design by Meter Square

Hello Kitty fans, let this home delight you in every way. This HDB unit in Tampines Centrale 8 has Hello Kitty as the central theme of the home. Each wall, piece of furniture, and room accessory screams pink and Hello Kitty. For your home, you may want to decorate it with something that interests you the most.

4. Design by In Interior Design

If pop art is your thing, this home designed by In Interior Design may resonate well with you. The modern art-designed wall has elevated popular culture to the level of fine art. The wall stands out as it is the only space with pop art splashed on it. It’s a clever way of getting your visitor’s attention instantly.

5. Design by Distinct Identity

If you are not into cute characters or edgy designs, you may want to try having a modern luxe wall design just like this one designed by Distinct Identity. The wall introduced elegance to the space, making it look more regal and glamorous.

6. Design by Dots n Tots

Another way to use pop art is to use it in your dining walls. Its bold and vibrant colours make for excellent detail in your home. This BTO in Clementi Avenue took advantage of this design as it added a different dimension altogether and maximised the aesthetic look of artwork.

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