Spaces We Love: 6 Tropical–Themed Homes in Singapore

Achieve that easy, breezy tropical paradise for your home. See how these homes did that.

Updated on September 05, 2018 8:09 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 6 Tropical-Themed Homes in Singapore

There is nothing more exciting than coming home every day to a lovely retreat. Tropical-themed homes are inspired by nature, luscious greens, as well as organic colours and textures.

If you love the idea of adding a vibrant island vibe in your home, here are some design inspo from Singaporean homes that you might want to replicate in your home:

1. Design by Interior Design Journey

Large botanical or tropical prints are a staple in a tropical-themed home. Pair up your luscious greens with coastal blues and watch how your home come alive. You may add a handwoven rug on the floor to disguise any "sand" (AKA dust) that your visitors might carry inside—just like in this home on Greenpark Avenue.

2. Design by DB Studio

When we say tropical, it can be synonymous to open. Spaces that are open and airy create a calm and serene vibe often felt in tropical destinations. This 5-room resale HDB in Choa Chu Kang has a spacious area for its dining area with an earthy, au naturel palette that imitates nature and the tropics. Throw some greens at the corners of each room to create your own version of tropical paradise inside your home.

3. Design by The Scientist

Loft homes are often associated with tropical living. This home on Segar Road has pieces of furniture that remind you of beach cottages with a loft bed that you rent during summer vacations at the beach. This home’s delicate yet stylish plywood lamps are perfect in creating a space that is ideal for any tropical-style home—earthy, neutral-coloured, and has natural textures.

4. Design by Prozfile Interior

Imagine this: it’s summer and all you want to do is to go to a place tucked away from the city, have a cosy room to relax in, lounge all day on your plush daybed with colourful pillows that are stacked high but are comfortable enough for you. With a cool, refreshing drink on the side, you can feel the touch of the breeze on your skin. This home in Canberra Residences will get you so envious of what a perfect tropical getaway looks like.

5. Design by Guz Architects

If you are blessed with a bigger space and a huge sum of renovation money, we suggest that you go big in renovating your place! Look at this home on Sentosa Island called the Fish House. This home in Singapore embraces the tropical climate by having an open space that connects the homeowners to their surroundings: the calm, blue oceans and the beautiful gardens. You, too, can have this resort-ish kind of space by using materials such as mahogany and teak—yes, those solid wood materials that can withstand the kind of climate that we have in Singapore.

We've got the details of this home and more photos of its interiors here.

6. Design by EJ Square Design

To inject a tropical vibe in your space, you can play with other colours and not just greens and blues. White is also a go-to colour for tropical-themed abodes. Create visual interest in your all-white home by utilising open shelving units and decorating your space with summertime staples such as wicker furniture or baskets, adding metallic room accents, or using light materials for your curtains. Choosing your materials is essential in creating a tropical-themed space, just like in this home in Sentosa Island.

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