Spaces We Love: 7 Minimalist Kitchens To Inspire Your Renovation

Resort to a calm, clutter-free ambience in your cooking area.

Updated on June 28, 2018 8:06 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 7 Minimalist Kitchens To Inspire Your Renovation

Having a minimalist-style kitchen does not mean you have to deal with boring colours, lesser design elements, and little to no furniture. Even with this kind of theme in your abode, you can still perk it up and add warmth to the heart of your home.

Look no further because we’ve rounded up a list of notable minimalist kitchens that you can recreate in your home:

1. Design by The Minimalist Society

If there is any colour that would make your space look bigger, you don’t have to complicate things. White is all you need to open up your space and make it look more spacious in an instant. Wood will complement with white, creating a more Scandi-minimalist feel in your kitchen.

2. Design by The 80’s Studio

In creating a minimalist kitchen, choose materials that could warm up your space instead of making it look cold. Wood adds warmth to any space—plus, it adds a stylish and chic vibe to your kitchen. Look at how different elements were well played in this kitchen in a home on Segar Road.

3. Design by Linear Space Concepts

Less is more with minimalist living. Check out how the cabinets are styled in this home designed by Linear Space Concepts—handleless cabinets will surely make your minimalist kitchen more stylish and contemporary-looking.

4. Design by UNO Interior

Applying texture to your walls make a minimalist kitchen look more interesting. There are a lot of ways in creating a dynamic visual interest in the kitchen such as using tiles. This modern black and white minimalist kitchen in Haji Lane has white subway tiles for backsplash which makes the walls look refreshing. The neutrality of white fits the minimalist style of your kitchen while the tiles add a focal point to the space.

5. Design by The Local Inn.terior

Clean lines and clear colours can create a modern, sophisticated look. This lovely four-room resale apartment in Bishan features a minimalist kitchen that has all the units lined up in a straight and seamless fashion. The smooth lines create an uninterrupted look, therefore making it look more "flowing."

6. Design by Design4Space

Add a whimsical component to your minimalist kitchen by using patterned tiles. Make it look less "busy" by keeping everything in place while holding its minimalist features intact with proper kitchen cabinets.

7. Design by The Scientist

A minimalist kitchen does not have to be boring. This one in a home on Segar Road surely has character because of its graphic ceramic floor and wall tiles. Patterned tiles add visual stimulation to any space and can transform the space and show unique personality.

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