Spaces We Love: 7 Open-Plan Kitchens to Inspire Your Renovation

Be inspired by these spacious kitchens.

Updated on March 08, 2018 8:03 am

Jemma Chiu

Open-Plan Kitchens to Inspire Your Renovation

An open-plan kitchen is efficient, stylish, and inviting. It is perfectly suitable for today’s contemporary and modern lifestyle, especially in small houses and units. Though open kitchens seem easy to do, it takes skill to design such a layout that integrates all spaces and be able to utilise its functionality.

Here are some design ideas that can help you find the best open-plan kitchen that will suit your style and lifestyle:

1. Design by Innerglow Design

Incorporating your kitchen, dining, and living rooms is no easy feat. Combining spaces can create a sense of flow that makes the space for each room bigger. You have to carefully think about your layout in order to ensure that there will be a continuous flow in the space just like this industrial-themed HDB unit in Ang Mo Kio. This home has an open, flowing space that is perfect for gathering a huge number of guests, without the feeling of being cramped in a small space.

2. Design by Topos Design

One of the advantages of having an open-plan kitchen is that you can socialise with your guests or loved ones while you prepare a sumptuous meal. This Scandinavian-themed condominium unit in Costa Rhu has an open-plan kitchen that is incorporated with the living and dining rooms. The solid wood table as well as the colourful pendant lights are the focal points of the area.

3. Design by Honeywerkz Design Studio

Another example of a unified style is this home in Arnasalam Chetty Road. In creating an open-plan kitchen, you should be able to create a look and feel of a spacious living area. Choose materials as well as fixtures that will exude the space’s multifunctional and complementing style. An example would be this home’s lighting over its kitchen island. It does not only brighten up the space, it also creates a focal point and a division among its adjacent rooms.

4. Design by Studio XMSL

Open-plan kitchens should have a relaxing vibe and exudes casual simplicity. Studio XMSL’s concept of an open kitchen layout features a bright, airy, and relaxing atmosphere because of the colour palette used. Its soft hues—from white, pale greys, and white-washed timbers—create a mix of rustic and tropical feel. The abundance of natural light also lends an airy and refreshing feeling, making your kitchen an enjoyable place to entertain your family and friends.

5. Design by Uber Design House

Without walls or divisions in your space, your open-plan kitchen needs to be functional and not just stylish. If possible, use a classic work triangle for your kitchen layout. The placement of your sink, fridge, and kitchen island is important in helping shorten distances when working around your kitchen—just as how Uber Design House created this look for a condominium unit.

6. Design by Spacefactor

Open-plan kitchens are not just for bigger spaces—the concept also works well on small spaces. The compact kitchen of this chic Scandinavian home designed by Spacefactor was seamlessly combined with the living and dining areas using a bar counter that can be used in entertaining guests while allowing them to be part of your kitchen action.

7. Design by Rezt & Relax

If you have difficulty pulling all the schemes together, you can fill your open-plan kitchen with colours. They create an inclusive atmosphere in your home and you can define the individual spaces by using colours that can easily pop out in just one look. This BTO unit at Sunshine Gardens is such an eyecandy as the space looks super fun and interesting.

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