Spaces We Love: Efficient And Stylish Galley Kitchens in Singaporean Homes

See how these homes used their small space to create inspiring kitchens.

Updated on May 05, 2019 22:05 pm

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Efficient And Stylish Galley Kitchens in Singaporean Homes

Even with pint-sized kitchen spaces, a narrow layout with stylish parallel counters is possible. You don’t need to have a big space to covet that stylish and efficient galley kitchen that you want. Be inspired by these kitchens:

1. Design by LemonFridge Studio

A soft minimalist home with cosy hues and clean lines is a sight to behold. This BTO project made by LemonFridge Studio has a galley kitchen with a glass wall to create a zone. The birch wood tone, herringbone flooring, as well as the white subway tiles, all made this kitchen chic and contemporary.

2. Design by Fineline Design

Utilising cool metallic materials and the cosy colours of Scandinavian, this space is one of a kind. The galley kitchen of this home in Serangoon Crescent has a clever combination of functionality and uniqueness. With the added bar stools on the side, the space was maximised and made more efficient by removing items that are not really essential in the kitchen.

3. Design by Juz Interior

With the classic matching of wood tone flooring and cabinets against white walls, this Scandinavian home in Telok Blangah is surely a renovation inspo! Another way to maximise the galley kitchen space is to separate the refrigerator and ovens from the main kitchen by sliding glass doors. This increased the kitchen’s storage space while allowing natural light to shine through the kitchen, making it more bright and spacious.

4. Design by The Story of Us

Open shelving, glass windows, cool colours. This galley kitchen in Riviera Residences has such an eye-catching interior. The glass window is collapsible so the counter can turn into a breakfast nook. Also, the patterned tiles on one side of the wall added character to this galley kitchen.

5. Design by Fuse Concept

Want your galley kitchen to look more elongated and enlarged? Creating a focal point at the end that draws the eye is a powerful design scheme. This contemporary kitchen in Golden Hill Condo at Mei Hwan Drive designed by Fuse Concept has impeccable space planning, just look at the modern clean lines and touch of luxury. Its warm woods create a comfortable, homey vibe while the lines were defined and details were at a minimum.

6. Design by Edge Interior

Make your kitchen more efficient by placing LED strips underneath the shelves that will serve as ambient and task lighting. However, you are not limited to this. You can do some great decorative fixtures on the ceiling as well. Think of your galley kitchen as if it’s a jewellery box that needs some lighting to make it glow and ooze with luxury.

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