Spaces We Love: Homes With Stunning Walk-In Closets

Let these beautiful walk-in wardrobes inspire you to carve out your own.

Updated on June 18, 2019 7:06 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Homes With Stunning Walk-In Closets

Having a walk-in closet in your HDB might seem a luxury given that most Singaporean homes have limited space. However, there are many ways on how you can squeeze a stunning wardrobe even when your home is space-challenged. If you’re struggling to find inspiration on how you can create a somewhat spacious walk-in wardrobe, here are awesome HDBs you can use as inspiration.

1. Design by Linear Space Concept

One way to solve your space problem at home is to go for an open concept walk-in wardrobe. This will create a lighter and brighter feel in your home and helps uplift the visual bulk that wardrobes usually carry. This one in a home on Holland Avenue turned out really fine—it provided for an interesting visual to the loft-style flat.

2. Design by Distinctidentity

This clean and contemporary home in Tanjung Rhu exudes quiet sophistication with an industrial edge. Made with black-framed glass panels, its walk-in wardrobe ensures that light can still pass through all over the space. Because of its panels, either side was prevented from appearing too dark. Also, the light fittings in the closets provided a luxurious ambience to the walk-in closet.

3. Design by Free Space Intent

Good design is everything. If you have a spare room adjacent to your bedroom, why not carve a small "pocket" or nook to create your dream walk-in closet? Not only will it make an easier flow in your bedroom, but it can also help you to visually open up your space, making it more useable for your family.

4. Design by Prozfile Design

Or, if you can’t afford to carve a small nook, you can have an enclosed walk-in closet inside your bedroom. By using glass to create an enclosed space, the wardrobe does not look cramped and cluttered at all.

5. Design by Control Space Design

Here's another stunning walk-in wardrobe inspiration: this one from a BTO flat at Skypeak Bukit Batok. You can do mirrored cabinet doors to open the space up and add visual depth to the closet space.

6. Design by Lemonfridge Studio

Propped between the walk-in wardrobe and the bed is this huge vanity mirror that helps separate the sleeping area from the walk-in closet. This punches more practicality and style in dividing your space into two functional areas.

7. Design by Design NEU

This exquisite see-through walk-in wardrobe combines the study and the dressing area. Designed by Design Nue, the floor space in this home in Bukit Batok was maximised by adding more functionality to the walk-in. A blue curtain was used to create a cool and calming effect to the owners, toning down this easily cluttered space.

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