Spaces We Love: 6 Impressive Entryways in Singaporean Homes

These homes leave guests in awe on the first few square metres of the property.

Updated on June 12, 2018 8:06 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Impressive Entryways in Singaporean Homes

Most Singaporean homes do not have a dedicated entryway or foyer. But space limitations did not pose to be a problem in these beautiful abodes.

1. Design by Distinct IDentity

Simplicity is beauty—entryways don’t need to be grand at all. You can still stylishly usher your guests in with a sleek and minimalist entryway that fits your personality. This unit at The Pinnacle@Duxton exudes an understated and elegant entryway in monochromatic colours that minimalist enthusiasts will love. Sometimes, you gotta believe that less is more!

2. Design by AGC Design

Having a distinct flooring will help you zone out an open-plan layout. This BTO unit in Chai Chee used different tile patterns to distinguish which zone you are in.

3. Design by The 80’s Studio

Entryways can double up as storage area for shoes. This unit at Rivervale displayed a bench—fancy a seat while you take off and put on your shoes? It fully uses the vertical space available in the entryway to introduce additional storage solutions.

4. Design by The Scientist

Welcome your guests with your vast collection of books, vases, or in this HDB in Dawson Road’s case, a collection of houses built using Lego. You can mix both storage and display in your entryway. Besides, it’s still functional yet decorative on its own—plus you get to give your guests a peek of your interests.

5. Design by the Local INN.Terior

If you have such small space, you can simply style your entryway with a welcome message written on a chalkboard. You can change it depending on the occasion to match the celebration—just like how this café-inspired BTO unit in Edgedale Plains did it.

6. Design by Prozfile

Where to store your shoes neatly? By the entryway. If big and exposed shoe storage spaces are not your thing, you can always go for recessed ones that create a cleaner and streamlined appearance at your entryway.

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