Spaces We Love: 7 Minimalist Dining Rooms To Inspire Your Renovation

Take a design idea or two from these simply beautiful dining spaces.

Updated on February 06, 2018 11:02 am

Stephanie Yee

Spaces We Love: Minimalist Dining Rooms To Inspire Your Renovation

So you've decided to become a minimalist. Find design ideas for your minimalist dining room from beautiful ID projects below:

1. Design by Swiss Interior

A minimalist dining room lacks the usual staple of a grand space. Since minimalist homes are clutter-free and tend to have less furniture, a minimalist eating area will only have a dining table and chairs, and something that personalises the space. It may be a vase, a small shelf, or a lighting fixture that makes the area stand out.

2. Design by FOMA Architects

Minimalist dining areas are known for their simple aesthetics. Sleek and stylish wooden pieces of furniture say a lot in this dining area on Anchorvale Street.

3. Design by Minimalist Society

Singaporean homeowners have started to embrace the Muji-inspired theme. This simple and understated dining inspiration for your home imitates the Scandinavian style that gives off a cosy, warm, and chic vibe.

4. Design by Arte Living

Black and white are a tried and tested colour combo. Take for example this residential space in Holland Road where black high chairs were used to adorn the dining area. The minimal use of colours can add sophistication to the space and is definitely pleasing to the eyes.

5. Design by Style Living Interior Pte Ltd

Another Muji-inspired home in Punggol is a delight to see for minimalists. The natural tones and texture as well as the wooden furniture with smooth finishing exude simple elegance to this area. The empty space of this home highlights the subtle grandeur of a bright, open, and clutter-free dining area.

6. Design by Spacious Planners

Extending the kitchen counter and converting this space into a minimalist dining area create an easy visual flow just like how Spacious Planners did in Parc Palais.

7. Design by Obbio Concept

White creates a crisp look in a minimalist home. Obbio Concept’s Braddel View project evokes dynamic living with earthy colours, allowing the space to exude its natural beauty. The purple vase on the dining table as well as the pendant lamp add visual interest to this simple but stunning space.

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