Spaces We Love: Romantic Bedrooms In Singaporean Homes

Go head over heels with these lovely and charming resting nests.

Updated on April 24, 2019 9:04 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Romantic Bedrooms In Singaporean Homes

Adding a romantic feel to your bedroom does not only mean adding ruffles or red bed linens. You can inject that dramatic flair through soft textures and a luxurious vibe. Think plush pillows, canopy beds, mood lighting, and romantic artwork. After all, your bedroom deserves all the love and right treatment for it to exude and radiate romantic vibes.

Browse through these romantic bedrooms that are so breathtaking you’d want to sleep in them all day long:

1. Design by Distictidentity

A clean, contemporary design results in a quiet and sophisticated space. The room’s black and grey headboard offers an unexpected edge to this bright and airy room. The subtle dark contrasts to the white space add a romantic flair to the room.

2. Design by 0932 Designs

Simply luxurious. Who can resist the intimate and gentle glow of this bedroom enveloped in white and light wood tones? Also, its low-to-the-ground bed adds another layer of romantic vibe to the room.

3. Design by The Scientist

Adding pink into the colour scheme gives the room a saccharine sweet atmosphere. However, be wary of too much pinks and reds. Look for ways to use these colours as room accent via throw pillows, blankets, lampshades, and anything in between. For a more romantic look, you can choose a velvet headboard for your bed.

4. Design by Dots n Tots

Adding an antique or a vintage piece gives your space a romantic feel. But if you are on a budget, you don’t need to buy a genuine antique piece because it can be a bit pricey. Instead, you can have a piece of Old Style charm just like this bed in a room in Yuan Ping Road, which is not too old for a vintage piece but is not too modern for a contemporary one. Go with gorgeously carved antique pieces such as beds, side tables, or dressers.

5. Design by The 80’s Studio

Wood gives off that warm, cosy feeling in a room. This home in Pasir Ris used wood finishes on the floor, while giving that traditional concept a more modern and up-to-date look with its odd-shaped ceiling. The master bedroom also has a Japanese-style platform and has alcove lighting all over to have that romantic look. The colour scheme is also a mood setter with grey painted walls and curtains.

6. Design by Akihaus

A bedroom with a view is totally romantic and puts passion ablaze like no other. Nothing beats waking up in the morning with the sun rising in the east and birds chirping at the balcony. This home in Chuan Park exudes charm with the glass sliding doors that lessens the ruggedness of the concrete while giving the room a more polished look.

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