Spaces We Love: Singaporean Homes With Unique Storage Spaces

Storage woes? Get a tip or two from these residences.

Updated on June 03, 2019 21:06 pm

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Singaporean Homes With Unique Storage Spaces

Think your home is too space-constraint to contain proper storage? Whether you’re living in a condominium, an HDB flat, or a landed property, having an additional storage space will help you maximise your home.

If you’re running out of clever ideas on how to sneak in more storage space in your home, here are Singaporean homes that prove that you can always be creative with your storage:

1. Design by Authors • Interior & Styling

Utilise every single corner of your home to create the storage haven you want to achieve. In this home designed by Authors, hidden storage spaces are all over the room. The designers took advantage of every nook and cranny available, which includes this hidden feature that matches the full height of a shoe cabinet with the TV feature storage wall in the living room. With its matching strip design with the TV wall, no one would ever think you're storing something in there!

2. Design by Akihaus

Another unique hidden storage is this one from a home on West Coast Road. The chic and clever storage space is concealed behind the TV wall feature. However, making it not look bulky takes a lot of expertise. Should you want to utilise your TV wall as storage space, be sure to build one that is tall and wide so that it can cover both ends of the wall.

3. Design by Lemon Fridge Studio

Make the bed work extra hard by using it as storage space. This condominium designed by Lemon Fridge Studio has a customised headboard that encapsulated the bed. The hollowed cavity of the headboard was designed to become a shelving unit since space is limited in this home. With enough creativity, you can turn a decorative headboard into a brilliant bedroom storage!

4. Design by i.Poise

Veering away from the usual under and above the sink cabinet is this bathroom that embraces a full-length closet installed from the ceiling. The storage space of this bathroom in Marine Drive Gardens is floating so that the bottom of the cabinet won’t get wet.

5. Design by The 80s Studio

Only a camera enthusiast will agree that having enough space for their collection of camera and photography accessories is a necessity in a home. This maisonette in Tampines has made full use of the space under the staircase by turning it into a charming display cabinet with clear glass panels and warm lighting.

6. Design by The Interior Lab

Turn your storage space into a display wall in the kitchen by adding lights and glass. This home on Lakeside Drive has a wall full of collector’s items of beverages that make the dining area more personalised. Also, the storage space adds a glamorous vibe to this dining space.

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