10 Stunning Condo Homes in Singapore

Locally designed and beautifully styled condo spaces

Updated on June 26, 2017 14:06 pm

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"One of the most common misconceptions about condo living is that a smaller space would confine and limit your living experience," say the authors of Hacking Your Condo: Quick Interior Design Tips To Truly Own Your Living Space. "But, what if we told you that with the right design and a sprinkle of creativity, you could maximize your condo space to the fullest?"

A number of condo homeowners turn to interior designers to further personalise and prettify their condo spaces (check out condo renovation tips here). Below are some examples of condos made more chic:

Design by Rhiss Interior

1. This Hazel Park condo unit features glossy surfaces, modern elegant furnishings, and glitzy accessories, evoking a glam-contemporary vibe.

Design by Studio XMSL

2. This modern Oriental–themed condo unit goes against the grain by featuring Chinoiserie elements and pieces in neutral tones.

Design by Design Collective

3. Featured in this condo unit in The Florentine is a high-ceilinged open-plan layout that accommodates cosy and contemporary furniture pieces and accessories. Feature walls in different textures add visual interest.

Design by D'Planner

4. Expand your living area and maximise your balcony by bringing dining outdoors like in this condo unit in Dakota.

Design by Constann Design

5. Mirror wall panels opening to reveal the built-in TV wall is the focal point of this Hillcrest Arcadia living room.

Design by Studio XMSL

6. Black and white and wooden elements come together in this condo unit located at Meyer Road. The wood-wrapped ceiling provides contrast to the contemporary and neutral furnishings.

Design by D'Planner

7. Add hints of contemporary luxury to your condo home with glam chandeliers, plush and upholstered furniture pieces, and luxe window dressings. Check out this Waterview condo for inspiration.

Design by D'Planner

8. This Hume Park condo unit is a contemporary beaut, with its black and white theme, modern furniture pieces and accents, and sleek storage solutions.

Design by Image Creative

9. Luxurious textures, glamorous fixtures, and chic furnishings transform this Sky@eleven condo unit into a total stunner.

Design by Space Factor

10. The cosy and tropical feel of this Waterfront Waves condo unit is due in large part to the wide and glass-railed balcony with the verdant view.

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