10 Stunning Hotel Bedrooms You Can Use As Inspiration For Your Home

Have a fancy hotel room at home that oozes with luxury and sophistication.

Updated on November 21, 2018 8:11 am

Stephanie Yee

Stunning Hotel Bedrooms You Can Use As Inspiration For Your Home

Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping on comfy cotton sheets and fluffy pillows, and waking up energised from that decadent sleep. This is what it’s like to experience an exquisite luxury hotel vacation.

Now, imagine all these elements in your own bedroom at home. From the crisp white and premium bedding to the elegant furnishings, there's your very own luxurious bedroom. Remember, you can make your own five star-worthy space at home.

Let these beautiful hotel bedrooms around the world inspire you to create a stunning sanctuary out of your own space:


1. Furnish your room with vintage and midcentury modern pieces like in this historic suite in Qvest Hotel in Cologne.


2. Choose accents that will enliven your space like in this room in Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The bed was topped with a Subarashi Yume pillow that added a pop of colour and focal interest to this bedroom.


3. Imagine sleeping in tranquility just like in this room in Aman Resort in Shanghai.


4. Do not be afraid to go dark. After all, not all luxury hotel rooms are in white or neutrals. Sometimes, the darkness will bring a cosy, cocooning effect to your space just like in this suite in Vidago Palace in Portugal.


5. For your own Ritz Carlton-inspired space, choose pieces of furniture that can serve many purposes—the desk doubles as a dining table in this Queen suite at The William Hotel in New York.


6. A majestic headboard helps give a memorable impact so you can make your bedroom look like a five-star hotel suite. See how the headboard adds a majestic touch to this hotel room in Pennsylvania.


7. You can never go wrong with following your (minimalist) heart. A minimalist hotel room still looks as beautiful as the grandiose ones.


8. Make your bedroom as cosy as possible. Sconces, pendant lighting, or any decorative overhead lighting will add to that desired ambience.


9. This hotel suite in Corinthia Hotel London will give you the ultimate luxurious vibe—and it has some mini bar design inspo!


10. See the cityscape at the comfort of your bed. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the urban jungle every night by taking this design inspo from a hotel in Dubai.

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Cover photo courtesy of Hotel Nikko San Francisco


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