7 Styling Ideas For Your Bookshelf

Make your bookshelf an Instagrammable nook in your home.

Updated on September 04, 2018 8:09 am

Catherine Zhang

Styling Ideas For Your Bookshelves

Obsessed about having a stylish, IG-worthy shelfie? Arranging your books is easy, but styling your bookshelf might be a little tricky. Of course you’d like to incorporate your personality in your shelf while making sure that it comes out nice and chic. Worry no more because we’ve got some tips to style your bookshelves!

1. Mix it up!


Your book arrangement does not need to be that boring—all horizontal or all vertical shelf. You can mix it up a bit and try vertical and horizontal arrangements within the same shelf. Or, you can do one shelf that is all vertical and one that is all horizontal.

2. Use a ladder.


A solid wooden ladder can also be used as a shelving unit for your tome collection. This exudes a country and rustic chic vibe to your reading space. It is a good choice for stacking hardbound books and paperback.

3. Illuminate it.


Lighting up your shelf is one of the easiest ways to attract attention to it. Get one of those battery-operated LED decorating lights to illuminate your shelves. Come nighttime and you will witness your bookshelf light up.

4. Create a gallery wall.


Gallery walls look incredible in museums but you can do this in your home, too. You don’t need a ton of space because all you need are floating shelves and your books! Make sure that your shelves float across the length of your wall. Time to showcase your awesome collection of books and its book covers.

5. Include nice accent pieces.

Try styling your bookshelves with vases, picture frames, and other accents that will make your shelf stand out. Be mindful of the height and size of your accent though. Layer it up by placing the bigger ones at the back and the smaller accents at the front. By doing so, you can create dimension and variety as well as balance in your shelf.

6. Try colour grouping.


Get a box of crayons and notice how the colours are arranged. Yes, that is what we want to imitate with our colour-blocked styling. Colour coordinate your book collection by its spine and you’ll instantly see the harmony that the perfectly arranged hues create in your room. You already have a colourful masterpiece right there!

7. Add a work of art.


Speaking of masterpieces, you don’t always need a wall to display an artwork. Sometimes, you can prop art up on your shelves to showcase it along with your glorious collection of books. You can use paintings, prints, or any artwork that will look good when placed on your shelves.

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