The Painted Front Door

Create a welcoming exterior by painting your front door with a lovely shot of colour.

Updated on August 07, 2017 15:08 pm

Camille Besinga

colour of paint to choose for your front door

Among many of film’s most memorable locations, Notting Hill’s house with the blue door has become an iconic place that until now, many tourists still go to the Portobello Road Market, looking for it. Such is the effect of brightly painted front doors—people easily recognise it, and remember it for years.

cobalt blue is a striking colour for the front door


If you want a front door that establishes a striking first (and last) impression, cover it up with a hue that will make your home exterior stand out among a row of blah houses. As well, the colour you pick for your door says a lot about your personality and your lifestyle. Isn’t that a fun way to express yourself?

Choose from among the following examples of painted doors and see if any of the colours used are hues you would identify yourself with.

sweet pale pastel pink paint for front door


A pale pink door peeks out from behind a bush-covered fence. The white brick walls, moulding, and trim make this soft colour stand out without looking too garish.

green front door gives off an inviting store


These emerald green double doors under a striped store-front awning works to invite the attention of passersby to come into the store.

another cobalt blue door that is so eye catching and bright


Just like the Notting Hill door, a cobalt blue door is vivid enough to make heads turn, and brightens up an all-grey façade.

a classic bright red door


A vibrant red door, flamboyant as it may seem, is actually a classic door colour, reminiscent of London’s iconic red buses, telephone booths, and mail boxes.

a purple, violet hue front door


A soft orchid tint makes this stately, Federal-style door look fresh and youthful.

a dark coloured painted front door exudes elegance


The brass-plated fixtures—the kick plate, knob, knocker, and mail slot—on this Victorian-style door is offset beautifully against a backdrop of indigo.

bright yellow front door is inviting and fun style


The brilliant yellow door contrasts well against Capri-blue shiplapped walls and white moulding and trim.

a deep purple painted front door exudes timeless elegance


This deep, majestic violet door exudes an air of dignified elegance.

a black painted front door is classic and dramatic


Black may not technically be a colour, but against white door trim and transom windows, a black door makes for a dramatic entryway.

pastel green painted doors - vintage look


Mint-green double doors and shutters for the transom window establish the tropical feel of this entry.

orange paint front door - bright and cheery look and feel


An energetic orange door livens up staid brown shingles and white molding.

Cover photo courtesy of Designspiration


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