These Homes Are Super Pretty, Thanks To Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have a way of making one’s home look and feel bright, lively, and beautiful.

Updated on April 28, 2019 22:04 pm

Jemma Chiu

These Homes Are Super Pretty, Thanks To Indoor Plants

Bringing nature inside your home does not only make your space inviting, it also makes your home’s air healthier. Indoor plants have a way of making one’s home look and feel bright, lively, and beautiful.

Here are some spaces prettified by plants:

Source: Design Sponge

1. Take advantage of your home’s spaces by giving your plants the right treatment. Pick the spot where there is enough natural light. While this spare bedroom in a home in Portland seems so tiny, it is neither cramped nor stuffy because of the plants all over it.

Source: Anna Fedyukina's Instagram

2. This 60-square-metre apartment in Ukraine follows a cohesive palette of colour and materials using oak and concrete to complement its white interiors. The home’s lounge is furnished with plants, which contrast beautifully with the carved tree stump side table and other room accents. Lush leafy plants trailing downwards the shelving unit is like a green waterfall flowing downstream and gives the space a lively component.

Source: Pinterest

3. This home has a stunning plant feature both inside and outside. Just look at the lounge room. Relaxing, right? Plants definitely add life to any space.

Source: The Ordinary Lovely

4. Who says you cannot give your bathroom a botanical vibe? Aside from real plants, you can also enliven up your bathroom’s white space with faux palm trees and succulents. Boost that feel-good feeling by adding botanical-inspired decor such as the hamper in this bathroom.

Source: Behance

5. Another example of how you can use hanging plants is shown in this home in Brazil. With the home’s open floor layout, the hanging plants serve as a zone divider between the study and the kitchenette.

Source: Candypop

6. Plants have the capability to give your home a summery vibe all year round. Picking the right greenery is the secret in giving your home a nice tropical beach staycation feels.

Source: Fantastic Frank

7. This home in Stockholm boasts of minimal use of plants to add a focal point to the space. Geraniums are perfect outdoor plants but they can also thrive indoors with little watering and loads of sunlight. You can fill your home with varieties of plants that bloom to freshen up your space and give it a more lively look.

Source: Homes to Love

8. With creams, browns, whites, and other neutral colours in your space, adding greenery will make your home more relaxing and calming. This minimalist-boho home of artist Holly Ryan has lots of plants as well as retro and art decors that can make anyone in the space feel cosy and warm.

Source: Lisa Dawson

9. Styling your home with plants is a brilliant way to breathe life to it. It is easy to pop a plant on a table but it would look more interesting if you pile books under them to give it a bit of height.

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