Things That Are Making Your Bedroom Look Messy And Tired

Get rid of these culprits that can easily ruin your lovely day.

Updated on March 25, 2019 16:03 pm

Catherine Zhang

Things That Are Making Your Bedroom Look Messy And Tired

Imagine this. You’re home after a very long day. As you take your shoes off and head towards your bedroom, you think about how busy your day has been and how comforting it would be to get under your covers and relax. As you approach your bedroom door, you can feel the excitement building up. And when you opened it, that excitement instantly died down because of what you saw: a tired and messy bedroom.

The only thing that could ruin your desire to sleep and relax after a very long day is walking into a messy and cluttered bedroom. To help you make your bedroom look organised, here are a few things you should remove or fix right now:

1. Littered floors

What makes a room look less impressive is its littered floor. A messy floor seems to start small but it will pile up eventually if you don’t act on it. Hold yourself accountable and pick up everything that falls on the floor. If it’s too small to be picked up, grab your vacuum or broom to clean it.

2. Curtain-less windows

Bare frames take away the splendour of your space. If you don’t like curtains that much, start loving it from now on. Hanging drapes or curtain will not only shield you from the sun, but it can also make your room look more sophisticated and relaxing.

3. Tangled cords

Exposed cords and power strips are such an eyesore. Look for creative ways on how to hide it and keep the tech clutter in one corner.

4. Poorly-sized artwork

A piece of art can make or break your room’s aesthetic. A randomly placed or poorly sized one will make your room look messy. It is important to choose pieces that are scaled properly with your wall and relate spatially to something else in the room.

5. Misaligned frames

Not only can poorly sized artwork make your room look cluttered, but misaligned frames also do. Nothing shouts chaos than a photo gallery that looks randomly placed. Make sure that your photos are in the same perspective and properly aligned.

6. Ungrouped accessories

Styling objects in tables and shelves should also be prioritised. Not everything can be displayed. As such, you should keep everything grouped in threes or any odd numbers and make sure that you create a focal point with lots of white space in the background.

7. Mismatched furniture

Intentionally displaying mismatched pieces of furniture can be chic and stylish. However, the lack of symmetry will make it look cluttered. If you are not sure how to style mismatched things, it is best to stick with matching sets.

8. Lastly, your unmade bed

No matter how clean your room is, if your bed is unmade, your entire space will suffer. How long does it take you to make your bed? Two? Three? Less than 10? Making your bed in the morning is an important step in starting the day right. Be sure to dress it up with layered bedding to pull a drab-to-fab look in a snap.

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