Things to Get Rid Of in the Living Room

Make lasting impression to your guests with an organised and clutter-free living space.

Updated on October 11, 2018 8:10 am

Stephanie Yee

Things to Get Rid Of in the Living Room

From watching entertaining movies to welcoming guests, the living room is the most commonly used space in your home. It is also most susceptible to dirt and clutter that making it organised is easier said than done.

If you want to make a difference in your home right now, here are the things you should start getting rid of in your living room:

1. All the excess

Anything that is not needed—excess books, ornaments, furniture, plants—should be removed from the living room. These things cause unnecessary clutter that you can avoid if you live a minimalist life.

2. Clutter on the coffee table

Sure, your coffee table is an attracting piece in your living room. However, this can also be a landing space for all the clutter in the room. Set the tone of your living room and make it look more inviting by keeping this surface a little less cluttered. Remove anything that should not be there such as remote controllers, a pile of books, and even your keys!

3. Your paperwork

The living room is not the right place to do your paperworks. Having loads of documents scattered across the room makes the space look messy and disorganised.

4. Irreparable mess

If your lighting fixture cast a coloured glow or does not blend well with your space, remove it. Anything that does not work properly should not be in the living room or any room in your home. It only adds to the clutter and it can easily be replaced by buying a new one or repurposing old stuff.

5. Dozens of cushions

If you need to move a lot of throw pillows out of the way before you can sit comfortably, this means that you should get rid of some immediately. By the way, you don’t need a dozen of cushions on your couch, right?

6. Toys

Remember that moment when you accidentally stepped on your son’s Lego piece in the living room? Make sure that this kind of incident won’t happen again by teaching your kids the habit of properly storing their toys after playing with them. You gain, less pain!

7. Oversized furniture

Singaporean homes are usually not big enough, especially HDBs. It is important to steer clear from having big, chunky furniture so that you can move freely in your living room. Removing these pieces will surely make a difference in your home.

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